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Historical Photos That Depict Poignant Moments from the Past (23 pics)

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Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops, Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938

“Old ladies” of the Hell’s Angels waiting outside a club meeting, 1965

Passengers aboard a Boeing Model 314 Clipper early 1940s

American girl running the gauntlet of Italian men, 1951

Two girls walking down the street in Cape Town in 1965

Freed Jewish prisoner takes revenge on Nazi while American soldier looks on 1945

Passengers aboard a Braniff International flight, enjoy their personal space while drinking coffee and reading magazines, 1967

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fishing, 1960

Beginning of the log drive, Grand Rapids. c. 1890s

Florida’s last Civil War veteran, Bill Lundy, poses with a jet fighter, 1955

Jackie Kennedy kisses the casket of JFK in the Capitol rotunda. Nov. 24, 1963

The Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936

Al Capones Soup Kitchen During Great Depression, Chicago Illinois,1931

A New York Hot Dog Stand in the 40′s By Stanley Kubrick 1947

“Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun’s Second Shrine, January 1924″

Mahatma Gandhi is greeted by a crowd of female textile workers during a visit to Darwen, Lancashire, UK in 1931

Member of the 101st Airborne Division enjoying the view and a cognac at Berchtesgaden in 1945. The US soldiers’ three day drinking binge from Hitler’s private cellar is considered one of the most expensive of all time

Berga Concentration Camp Survivors, 1945

The ‘Lithium Hydroxide Canister’ on Apollo 13, fixed with duct tape, therefore saving the astronaut’s lives, 1970

Construction of George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore in 1935

Bin Laden family vacationing in Falun, Sweden in 1971

Harvard Tug of War Team, 1888

Kabul University, 1975

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