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Clever Home Inventions To Make A Small Space More Livable (15 pics + 9 gifs)

Posted in Lifestyle   12 Mar 2014   / 11900 views

An adjustable REK bookcase

The Floyd Leg, which will help you make a table out of anything.

Furniture you can transform into other pieces of furniture

Collapsable lighting

Beautiful space/room dividers

Felt pods that offer you privacy from roommates

Beautiful storage space

Super-functional furniture with storage space

A desk with room for books, papers, pens and cords inside of it

Extra closet space without the closets

Tables that hide your entertainment

A simple alternative to a medicine cabinet

Multi-purpose furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space

Products that help you make use of vertical space

Pet furniture you can easily disassemble and store

Bookshelves that make the most out of space

Hide-away beds that are actually beautiful

An indoor garden that takes up almost zero space

Put your entire apartment in a box

Make a workspace that is just right for you

Make use of shelves to hold your possessions

Buy patio furniture with multiple uses

Buy an awesome sofa that can be transported easily and is still comfortable

Use a storage system that you can customize to your space completely

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#1 Right, because I often find a need to remove everything from my bookcases and fold them up...

#13 Wow, those pointy corners are at the perfect height to take out the eyes of any annoying toddlers that might be inflicted upon you.

#6 Perfect for getting even with that annoying roommate with allergies - hang a giant sack of compressed animal hair (that's what felt is) in the room and climb inside, making as much dust as possible.

#16 That make the most out of space... by having large, unusable, empty areas!

#15 Because you often have guest pets visiting?

#18 If your definition of zero is 80 sq.ft. of impractical room divider.

#21 Shelves! Holy crap! Why didn't someone think of these things before! Wow! Shelves... I even like the sound of that word! So new and cutting edge!
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Somebody ^^^ woke up on the wrong side of the bed today !