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A Homeless Couple’s Special Night on the Town (5 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   28 Mar 2014   / 4794 views

"This is Charrolette and Ken. They're a homeless couple we met while doing some charity work at a Seattle tent city. In talking, we found out they had an anniversary coming up. Sadly in 14 years of marriage, they've never had a proper celebration. So we got some money together and changed that. First thing we did was buy Ken a new suit, and Charrolette a new dress. My girlfriend did her makeup and hair. They loved it."
"Then we got them a reservation at a beautiful hotel downtown. We put a few hundred dollars on their tab for wine and food throughout the night. When we arrived, and the front desk attendant heard their story, they immediately upgraded them to an amazing suite."
"Then to an amazing Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner for a giant buffet. They said they haven't are like that in years, and the staff let them load up some to go boxes as well."
"They insisted on taking this photo. Thought it was awesome. Even though they live in Seattle, it's tough to travel far from the Tent City. So Charrolette said this was her first time exploring the city."
"And finally they wanted to visit The Great Wheel that they'd heard so much about. The smile on their face the whole night can't be explained with words."

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So, you spent what, a couple of grand on them? And did fucking NOTHING to improve their lives and get them off the street?
User201 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
What did you do Patrick? Ever?
That couple had an aniversary what they will always remember, a positive attitude what will help them get along better with their difficulties. For them, that day was worth.
Your call buddy
What did I do, ever? 14 years working with the homeless on the streets in NYC. Helping them get housing, food, clothing, healthcare, jobs. In short, helping them get off the streets, not for a night in a fancy hotel, but for LIFE.

What did you ever do 201, besides coo like a little girl over the feel good pictures and ignore the fact that the next day their lives were no better than the day before?
jubyp0b 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
@ patrick.b.steg

Quote: "They're a homeless couple we met while doing some charity work at a Seattle tent city~". Spending a couple of thousand would improve their life for what? A month, or 2, at MOST? Whilst this, as User201 said before me, will be remembered for quite a while in their lifetime.
Mr. Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Yea, I'm sure that Charrolette will fondly remember that night as she's blowing some guy in an alley so that she and Ken can get permission to dig through his dumpster for dinner...