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Bizarre Things Confiscated at Airports (30 pics)

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Officers at Providence TF Green Airport found parts of a disassembled gun hidden in three stuffed animals. The .40 caliber firearm belonged to a man traveling with a small child.

Agents at Latrobe Airport, near Pittsburgh, found an expended AT-4 rocket launcher. It had been packed in a passenger's checked bag.

This cane with a stun gun affixed to its end was found in Cleveland.

When TSA agents at Dallas Fort Worth found an old military bazooka round in a checked bag, they evacuated nearby baggage areas until they could establish it was inert. Five flights were delayed.

This knife was not particularly well hidden, but it was in a surprising place: mounted on the front of a walker. It was found by officers at John F Kennedy, in New York.

Belt buckles can hide knives, too. This three-inch example was discovered at Hobby Airport in Houston.

That same week, an eight-inch knife was found in a cane, at Baltimore Washington International Airport.

This sword cane was found at Kahului airport, on Maui.

These two swords were found in a guitar case at Salt Lake City. Apparently, the passenger did not know that swords are not allowed in carry-on bags.

The 163 tropical fish, 12 Trachemys Scripta red sliders, 22 invertebrates, 24 live coral pieces, and bag of eels were surrendered to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

A machete top was found in Denver.The throwing knives below were discovered at Baltimore Washington International Airport.

TSA agents confiscated this elaborately decorated but dangerous-looking "prohibited bling"

Advertising creative Geoff McGann was arrested at Oakland airport and held on 150,000 bond when agents found a watch that had "all the components to make an improvised explosives device"

Agents at the airport in Little Rock discovered a powder horn, complete with three ounces of black powder, in a passenger's carry on bag.

Batman-inspired throwing stars were found at San Diego

Agents as Pasco Airport, in southeast Washington, found two knives in a bag of dirt. The TSA blog entry offered no explanation for why someone was traveling with a bag of dirt.

This blade looks very much like a bat'leth, a weapon used by the Klingons in "Star Trek." It was found at LaGuardia Airport, in New York.

A passenger at Newark was found with this frightening weapon, called a "wheel of pain"

Security agents in Tulsa found this replica Claymore mine in a checked bag.

A gun with no cylinder was found inside a cutout book at Honolulu International Airport.

Perhaps the most explosive find of the year was a cannonball, covered in coral, discovered in a checked bag at Fort Lauderdale. Its owner was a diver who found it near an 18th century shipwreck. The problem was that it was determined to be explosively viable.

A gag gift made to look like an explosive device was found at Florida's St. PetersburgClearwater International Airport.

An inert grenade was found at San Antonio International Airport.

An inert Claymore mine and grenade were discovered at San Jose International Airport in California.

Over at Coventry airport, customs officials once intercepted a fairly disconcerting pair of Freddy Krueger-style claws.

A passenger at Dayton International Airport set off alarms when he tried to get a tobacco grinder shaped like a hand grenade through security. Officers also found a soda can with a false bottom that contained marijuana.

The work of the airport security officers shows just how many everyday objects can be used to conceal weapons."Lipstick knives" are a common find, as are knives hidden in combs and brushes. This "dagger brush" was found at Palm Beach.

Illegal weapons are often confiscated items at Customs, but not always with such colourful masks. This group was seized at the Swiss border from a group of French citizens.

A traveler at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport attempted to get marijuana onto a flight in a jar of peanut butter.

Pills in South Korea filled with powdered human baby flesh found by customs officialsm, who seized thousands of smuggled drug capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies, which some people believe can cure disease.

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powdered flesh from dead babies???

WTF Korea?
gigantes 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
well, hey... gotta do *something* with all those dead babies.
oddbal 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#2 Expended. The AT-4 launcher can only fire one projectile as it damages the launcher. This means they just confiscated a useless tube.

#19 That dummy mine has sharp spikes tho.