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Everyday Japanese Snacks and Treats (67 pics)

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One guy’s road trip snacks in Japan.


Candied strawberry on a cracker

A very random piece of street food. Ate this outside of a temple in Kamakura.

Kirin peach drink

I enjoyed this on the train on my way from the Narita airport to Tokyo


Had this outside of a temple. It's like crepe batter filled with octopus bits, covered in sweet sauce and bonito flakes (dried fish).

Sushi set from tsukiji fish market (1/2)

Freshest I ever ate.

Sushi from tsukiji fish market (2/2)

So delicious. I waited in line for an hour - totally worth it.

Burger and fried onions from Freshness Burger

One of the best burgers I ever ate, bar none. I had many of these, too!

Grilled mochi balls with sweet sauce

This is street food from Kamakura. Mochi is pounded rice.


A yakitori is a grilled chicken kebab. It's often sold around temples and as street food.

Buttered potatoes

These were COVERED with fresh butter and salt. The perfect comfort food after a rainy day. Eaten in Kamakura.


Pickle stores are very popular. And you can try them all for free! You pick a piece with the chopsticks, put it in your hand, then eat it.


There are a lot of European bakeries around town. A good way to cut spending on breakfast is to eat in your room. I did this every day, buying a few croissants or chocolatines and juice for about 500 Yens.

Pepsi NEX Zero

Is it a bottle? Is it a can?

Fanta jelly "drink"

I was fooled by this product. FOOLED! It's not soda... It's jelly in a can, that you have to slurp.

C.C. Lemon

My favorite drink.

Konbini sandwich

A konbini is a corner store. I had MANY of these. They are always fresh and delicious. And cheap! They often come with three pieces (here it's chicken, ham and egg).

Suntory I love veggi

This is basically the Japanese version of V8.

Onigiri, Fanta and chips (I Love Veggi on top of the microwave)

This is the first thing I ate in japan, bought from a Konbini store (corner stores like 7-11) Onigiri are pressed rice triangles with various filling, wrapped in nori. The filling is identified according to a specific copor. These make a cheap, delicious and filling lunch. You can find a chart with the color code online and print it out, it will help you understand what filling you're picking.


You can get these around temples or in gift shops. They are filled with sweet red bean paste.

Supermarket sushi and strawberries

All big department stores have food courts/grocery downstairs. You can get your dinner there and go back to your hotel if you are not up for a night out or if you want to cut costs. I overpaid for these strawberries, but they were well worth it. The sushi was amazing and fresh, and unexpensive for the quality I got.

Fried chicken topped with salad

This was purchased at the Ghibli museum food court, as you can kind of tell by the hat motif on the paper cup!

Wasabi Cheetos

Just the right amount of heat.

Jasmine tea Kit Kat

This was the seasonal flavor available at konbinis during my first week. Very sweet.

Tempura set lunch

This was eaten at a restaurant near the sumo arena.

Harajuku crêpe

Very popular with shoppers and schoolgirls looking for a snack before heading home. This one is filled with cheesecake, caramel sauce, banana and whipped cream. They cost about 5 bucks and are HUGE.

Sake in my hotel room

Onion soup

From a "European style" restaurant I tried near Yokohama.

Shrimp gratin

From a "European style" restaurant I tried near Yokohama.

Ice cream

From a "European style" restaurant I tried near Yokohama.

Can of C.C. lemon

In Little Edo

Pork Gyoza

Cheap, hot and delicious!

Fried pork sandwich

On of the cheap kombini sandwiches I loved so much

Harajuku crêpe

Blueberry sauce, cheesecake, whipped cream.

Harajuku crêpe

Cheesecake, whipped cream, sweet crisp, chocolate sauce.

Kaiten sushi

This is the kind of sushi that comes to you on a conveyor belt. They count the plates you picked at the end and give you the bill.

Vegetable tempura

Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

Fugu stew

Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

Fugu stew

Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

No idea what this was.

Part of the blow fish dinner set menu I had in Osaka. This was like a creamy, tofu-esque porridge. Very, very good.

The best melon I ever ate

Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

Aburaage (tofu pouch) filled with shrimp and veggies

Delicate and elegant. Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

Fugu sashimi

Part of the fugu dinner set menu I had in Osaka.

Delicate shrimp

Part of a kaiseki set lunch I had in Nara. Kaiseki is often expensive, so it's a good idea to have it for lunch instead of dinner.

Tempura set lunch

Eaten in Nara

Goma tofu

This is one of the best thing I ate while in Japan. It looks like tofu, but it's actually a savory sesame paste.

Kaiten sushi - toro

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi

Crab sushi

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi

Green tea

At the conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi You get your own personal hot water faucet at your seat.

Kaiten sushi

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi

Corn sushi

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi


Eaten in Osaka

Bento box

Bought on the train back from Osaka to Tokyo

Grilled crab

Eaten at that place with the giant moving crab sign - Osaka

Beef sushi

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi

Crab sushi

Conveyor belt, pay-per-plate sushi

Tonkatsu set lunch

You can have this kind of meal (including all-you-can-eat white rice) for about 8$.

"Milk and green tea" ice cream

In Kyoto

Bento box

On the shinkasen train ride from Kyoto to Tokyo

Yatsuhashi (AKA Kyoto crêpes in tourist stores)

Mitsuya cider

Pork gyoza

Ramen with pork and egg

This was so good, I wanted to cry!!

Fried surimi ball

Apple vinegar Kit Kat

Another seasonal chocolate bar.


EDIT I was just informed that these are Dorayaki

Cookie with sweet, unidentified filling

Crunchy, salty wheels

Butter-flavor Pringles and Coca-Cola

Eaten on the train back to the airpot.

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It's like an alien world to me. Neat but alien.
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This guy went to Japan and doesn't even know there's a difference between sushis and MAKIS
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everything looks yummy, but i'm a little scared by the low amount of salads, fruits, whole foods.
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99% of these food items appear to be perfectly designed for insertion in my anus. Coincidence???