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Dad Prepared an Awesome Treasure Hunt for His Son's Birthday (31 pics)

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It took Brody several days to find his treasure, but it sure was an epic adventure for him as well as for his family.


This was the first clue that Brody received. 
It read, “”If you are so inclined, you will be able to read this clue.”
To read it, he had to tilt the paper. 
When tilted all the way down….
He could finally read it! It read, “under a bench you can see from Grandmas balcony.” 
This is the balcony; there were quite a few benches in sight where the clue could be hiding. 
Hmm, not that one.
It wasn’t that one, either. It was getting dark, so he had to come back the next day. 
At home, he did research on Google Maps. What other benches were there? 
Once he went back and thoroughly looked for clues… and found it!
Opening it up…
This was the clue that was inside. 
He knew exactly where to go.
He quickly realized it was Braille and began comparing it to the only Braille he knew (on Canadian money). 
After being stumped, he went home to look up some translation. 
The back of the sign read “the deck of cards I gave you.” 
This was written on one of the cards. 
Trying to figure out the riddle.
Still working at it….
This is what the cards look like shuffled. 
This is what the deck looks like in order. 
(There was a line drawn on the cards to indicate which way they should be facing. 
The last clue!
Opening it up…
The final clue contained two latin words. 
Once he realized that they were the scientific name for a tulip tree, he knew where to go.
His grandparents bought trees for him and his sister in the park. 
And inside that last capsule…
A check for birthday money! A cheque for $80.

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