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Weird Stock Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense (48 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   13 May 2014   / 25570 views

A nun discovering the joys of the ocean:

Two crash test dummies in a forbidden romance:

A woman haunted by the ghost of hamburgers past:

The Candy Man:

Fat Santa pinching his nipples:

A one-eyed accountant flashing east side while listening to an abacus:

Trout hand:

A woman enjoying the healing benefits of post-it notes:

Two old folks rekindling their love affair with some guns and a dead rabbit:

A woman showing off her prized piece of bread, first-place winner at the Dutchess County Fair:

A child enjoying that sweet, sweet cactus smell:

Two twins sharing the greatest gift of all: a giant sweater:

Two friends sharing the second greatest gift of all: corn:

A man contemplating the mistakes he’s made while using a cake as a pillow:

A woman willing to go to any length to defend the fruit she loves:

A girl scoring the winning goal in a lopsided game against her wheelchair bound grandfather:

Cyber woman with corn:

She-Hitler with a potato crotch:

Your grandma double teaming some popsicles:

An apple with teeth eating a pig:

Nipple clamps:

A spaceman exploring a strange new planet:

G’d up pineapple business man:

Mona Lisa tongue tats:

Reigning world champion of your sister’s bedroom:

Two survivors of the nuclear apocalypse enjoying some freshly baked sugar cookies:

A man embracing the only melon that ever loved him:

A business woman enjoying a boxing glove massage:

Lumberjack dog:

Your dad:

A woman hopelessly addicted to snorting donuts:

Bread hat:

A man in a bathrobe enjoying the heat from his oven while looking over at what appears to be a mammal in a bowl:

A person with a TV head enjoying an early dinner with another TV:

Mr. July on the Gas Mask Hunks 2014 calendar:


A child that was born with a terrible, terrible birth defect but still is able to find humor in the little things:

A flour and egg addict getting their fix:

A man in a rabbit costume weighing lettuce:

A child coming to terms with the harrowing reality that this is what it’ll be like until they retire:

Cyber woman with corn, part II:

A radical business man that probably just thinks his water damaged laptop is a really expensive black mirror:

A man discovering his love for lettuce:

A luchador enjoying his first vacation in several years:

Cartoon Santa’s violent addiction:

A man that doesn’t quite grasp the idea behind a corndog:

And… and… this:

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DarkWolf 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#13: I came.
Mr_Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
i liked the one
Fenrisulven 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#7 Not a trout...
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
risingisland 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#13 Two girls one cob
Mr_Ree_ 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#4 I've got a lollipop for that hot grizzly bear to lick!!!

#5 Here, let Mr. Ree pinch those nipples for you, you sexy beast!

#45 That ripped luchadore can manhandle me any old time!!!