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Magnificent and Striking Images of the People of the World (37 pics)

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A child of the Arbore tribe, Ethiopia

A Chimbu tribesman preparing for a celebration of death. Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

In the Amazon the Ashaninka Indians apply face-paint, made from seeds of the Urucum plant, each day in a design that reflects their mood

A young Nenet boy in Siberia plays in -30 degrees

10-year-old Yemeni girl after was granted divorce from her abusive husband

Protester in Tiananmen Square, China, 1989 – by Stuart Franklin

Black Woman with vitiligo by Sembene McFarland

‘Snowy’ by Vladimir Zotov — Russia, Forest, Boy

King and Queen Of Bhutan

The sky of Pakistan in her eyes

3 Young Afghani Girls Skateboarding

A Buddhist monk shares his meal with a tiger at the Kanchanaburi ‘Tiger Temple’ in Thailand

Man at a medieval market in Madrid, Spain

Stilt Fishermen in Sri Lanka

Chhetri woman, Dhorpatan, Nepal

Maoris say hello by pressing their noses together in a greeting called hongi

Spencer Murphy’s Portrait of jockey Katie Walsh

Inseparable brothers, Pakistan

A lord of death mingles with tourists near Cancún, before the re-enactment of an ancient Mayan pilgrimage honouring the goddess of fertility

A novice monk looks out over the scenic countryside from his monastery near Nyaungshwe, Burma

Three Masai Warriors. The red Masai men wearing represents power

Afghan students in Bamyan

Portrait of a burner: Young, pink-haired lady at Burning Man, Nevada 2013

A homeless man on his daily quest for bottle deposits

One girl’s illegal train ride in Bangladesh

A boy of the nomadic Suri tribe of Ethiopia, in traditional face/body paint and attire

A girl uses her umbrella to protect a stray dog during monsoon rains in Mumbai

Cormorant fisherman on Li River

A fighter covers a bruise at a tournament in Astrakhan (Russia)

North Korean Soldiers Share a Laugh

Young Bangladeshi ship-breakers claiming to be the minimum working age of 14, who make a dangerous living from dismantling old cargo carriers and tankers

Thai monk and kathoey (lady-boy) wait to be processed for mandatory military service

Coal miner smoking a cigarette, Pol-e-Khomri

Women in Iran enjoy Hookah

The Sikh Motorcycle Club of Vancouver

Refugee Afghan girl with her mother at the UNHCR registration center on the outskirts of Peshawar, June 2012

Two brothers in Burma, new versus old

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