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Some of the Priciest Items in the World (25 pics)

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This burger is called "Le Burger Extravagant" and costs $295. It's held together by a solid gold diamond encrusted toothpick.

In this box are the most expensive cigars with only 5 chest-fulls in existence each cigar is worth $1,150

The most expenisive city by square foot is Tokyo and by the square foot it's $1,200 for one.

This feather is $8,000 for one. It comes from the extinct Huia bird.

This is Heidsieck Monopole from 1907 these bottles were found from a shipwreck. Roughly 2,000 bottles were recovered. One bottle is worth $25,000.

For a pair of jeans, $27,000 is just down right too expensive for these.

This is Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva with 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms it's no wonder why it cost $65,000 a night.

This chess set cost $600,000. Covered in 320 carats of diamonds, only 7 were made.

The Dodge Tomahawk is a badass motorcycle with a V10 engine in it. With a top speed of 420 MPH and 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds,it's worth about $700,000.

This box is Susse Freres daguerreotype camera and it's worth about $775,000. It's also the oldest camera known to exist.

This parking spot which is located in an eight-story luxury condominium building at 66 E. 11th St in downtown Manhattan is 1 million.

Weighing in at 5 tons these speaker units are made from aircraft aluminum and tower 40 feet tall, for you it costs 2 million.

This TV is the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition and is worth 2.3 million dollars. Covered in alligator skin and studded with an obnoxious amount of diamonds.

As if these weren't expensive enough, this iPhone is worth 2.97 million, and it's only a 3GS!

The Heintzman Crystal is the most expensive piano, made in Beijing is worth 3.22 million

This is a picture of Andreas Gursky although normally colorful this one isn't, it's worth 4 million.

This Domain name is worth 16 million.

Want to impress the love of your life? Offer her this ring it only cost 16.26 million.

No it's not an expensive glittery mess, it's a watch which is worth 25 million.

This drawing, "Raphaels Head of a Muse" was estimated to go for 20 million but instead went for 47.9 Million at auction.

This car is the Ferrari 250 GTO. It's current worth is 52 million dollars which was the winning bid back in October 2013.

LHomme qui marche Walking Man is the most expensive Sculpture, it's worth 104.3 million.

This mess of paint is actually a painting and costs about 140 million.

Need a big house, why not this monster? complete with it's own 600 full-time staff members, it's located in downtown Mumbai. $1 billion

This yacht is worth 4.8 billion. It hurts to hear but it's hull is 100,000 kg of gold.

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TangoSmoker 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Well, I call bullshit on the last one.
jubyp0b 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I'd suggest googling "Baia 100 Supreme".
#24 Mumbai? They'd have to pay me that just to go there.
eco26 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#3 As far as I can see, almost all the illumination boards are Korean consumer loan companies' advertisements.