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Fast Food Items That Are Only on a Secret Menu (22 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food   12 Jun 2014   / 7759 views

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Long John Silvers Crumbs
Yep, a side of crumbs you can put on your salad or whatever needs crumbs.
Chicken and Waffles
McDonalds does soul food with some McGriddles
The 4 x 4
Get as many meat patties as you want at In n Out
Neapolitan Shakes
You can get these at any restaurant that has 3 shake flavors
The Monster Mac
Just look at it…so much Big Mac in one place at one time
The Triple Down
It’s a double down with a piece of chicken in the middle
In n Out Protein Style
Who needs carbs? Replace the bun with lettuce
The Pie McFlurry
Like any McFlurry, only with a pie blended into it
In n Out’s Flying Dutchman
It’s just meat and cheese because bread sucks
The Land, Sea and Air Burger
Fish, chicken and beef, together at McDonalds
Surf and Turf Slider
Head to White Castle to mix your fish and your beef
Pizza Sub
They won’t put this on the menu at Subway, but it’s tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and whatever else you want
The Hypocrite
Fat Burger will sell you this veggie burger with bacon on it
Loaded Fries
White Castle will put this together if you ask
Sonic’s Frito Pie
Exactly what it sounds like. Frito pie
Wendy’s Barnyard Burger
It’s spicy chicken ham, and beef with cheese
Animal Style Fries
In n Out knows you like it sloppy
The McGang
BangIt’s a McChicken with Double Cheeseburgers on either side
Wendy’s Grand Slam
4 patties, 6, 8, whatever works for you
The Big McChicken
Think of the Double Down only from McDonalds
Burger King’s Suicide Burger
That’s 4 patties with cheese, bacon and a clogged artery
The McKinley Mac
It’s a Big Mac, but with quarter pounder patties

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gigantes 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
haha... death in savory form. go eat it up!
Right... the "secret" menus... that the entire fucking Internet knows about.