Life Saving Protective Blankets for Schools (6 pics)

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This blanket was inspired by tornados like Sandy Hook and is designed to save the lives of students.


Steve Walker said that tragedies like Sandy Hook and recent tornado outbreaks inspired this blanket. 
It would “stop that blunt-force trauma,” like bullets or rubble. 
The blanket has straps so it can be worn like a backpack. It’ll be made with lightweight padding used for ballistic armor.
The blankets are cheaper than tornado shelters, plus children wouldn’t need to leave the classroom in the event of an emergency. 
The company is encouraging school administrators to make its protective blankets part of their protocols. 



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Stupidest thing I have seen in awhile! Really going to help when you are SMASHED FLAT by falling debris. Clearly who ever wrote the article knows nothing about bullet resistant vests either.
Mr_Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
its good
Mr. Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This is one of the reasons that the USA is swirling down the toilet - we are teaching our children to be victims!
Oooooooh, someone comes into the school and starts shooting! Quick kids, get on your body blankets and lay down and wait to be shot.

Bullshit, I say!!

I think every school should have an electronically locked cabinet in each classroom that contain enough handguns for each student to have at least one. In the event that someone comes into the school and starts shooting, sensors positioned throughout the school would detect the gunshots and automatically set off alarms, notify the police, and unlock the gun cabinets. Teachers then hand out the guns to the students and when the gunman comes into their classroom, they blow his ass to pieces.

Maybe the occasional janitor in the hallway would be a gunman shooting victim but no students. They've got him outgunned, they turn him into bullet riddled mush, and all that would be left to do is get some snow shovels and scrap up the mess.

Problem solved!
bernd.narr 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
mr. ree i hope you are sarcastic at the idea of giving every stundent a gun....iam pretty sure 1 or 2 start firing at their bullies and another five shoot them self becaus "murica"...oh well

just a simple question. how comes that no other western country has so many gun swinging ticking timebombs... i mean 74 shootings in schools in about 18month....well that is more than insane
I didn't know sandy hook was a tornado
Hey "bernd" that number you cite has already been thoroughly debunked. The gun confiscation advocates counted POLICE SHOOTINGS, suicides, gang shootings, after hour criminal activity, etc. when trying to pad the numbers. asshat.
That's right kids! We don't need any fancy, schmancy tornado shelters that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (because that's how much the mayor's brother was able to con the council out of for those junk cargo containers). Just hide under your blankets and you'll be safe from EVERYTHING!

Next week we'll be getting in those new "thumb dip" fruit flavored tranquilizers. Just dip your thumb in the flavor you like best and suck it while you hide under your blanket until all the bad things in life go away.