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Husbands Are Not Always Handy with the Little Things (25 pics)

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“I asked my husband to help me pick up raspberries and blueberries, and this is what he came back with.”

“So I asked my husband to buy 6 potatoes.”

“Last night I asked my husband to put some spaghetti on the stove so I could start dinner when I got home. #clever”

This husband bought this card for a baby shower.

One husband packed this in a lunch.

“I asked my husband to stir my drink, aaaaand this is what he did. Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind.”

“I asked my husband to iron my pants and he gave me 1980′s creases #ThunderOverLouisville #CreasesConnie”

“I asked my husband to bring home wine. He did….”

“I asked my husband to take a picture of me.”

“I asked my husband to sort the Christmas lights in the window. This was not quite what I had in mind…”

A husband (who is 6’2″) hung a mirror for his wife (who is 5’1″).

“I asked my husband if he would bring me some water. He brought me this. Thanks?”

“I asked my husband to buy a few household essentials from Amazon. Somehow this got included in our order.”

“So, I told my husband 2 get us a nice LITTLE dog abt 2yrs ago. 2yrs later…this is the pup. He’s not done growing.”

“I told my husband to buy “some tortillas.” He bought 40.”

This husband attempted to make a lattice pie crust.

“This just happened… Why does my husband insist on putting things I need up so high?! I’m a little person!”

“Why does my husband think this is ok to do ? This is not a hamper.”

“I just found my husband’s wedding ring in the bottom of the Special K box. What?!!!”

“Asked the husband to do one thing, wrap the present, Christmas bloody bottle bag!!”

A husband tried to fold a fitted sheet.

This husband put his little girl down for bed.

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channax 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#9 Vinho Verde ... the best in the WORLD ! ! !
Married life: Wife nags, nitpicks, and points out every mistake. Man points out mistake, wife gets angry and gives him the silent treatment until he apologizes.
Cancamuso 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
You mean your married life
ads2539 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I don't see what he did wrong in either #14 or #17.

#15, he might have qualified for free shipping by adding the PS3 game to the order. ;-)
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