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The Grossest Things You Touch Every Day without Thinking about (25 pics)

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Doorknobs – Beware of these bacteria magnets, especially the ones in public bathrooms.

Vending Machine Buttons – No, this isn’t an excuse to rock the machine back and forth to see if a snack falls out.

Parking Meters – At least getting that ticket seems somewhat like a positve now.

Crosswalk Buttons – Looking both ways won’t save you here.

ATM – Maybe being completely broke isn’t so bad after all.

TV Remotes – What do you expect from something that spends so much time underneath the couch?

Toilet Seats – No surprise there.

Cell Phones – How are these dirtier than toilet seats? I’ve only dropped mine in there like ten times.

Inside Latches of Public Bathroom Stalls – Think of it as one last reminder to wash your hands.

Light Switches – Who would think to clean these things?

Microwave Pads – As if eating pizza for breakfast wasn’t already bad enough for you.

Elevator Buttons – Just what we needed, another excuse for jerks to not hold the door for us.

Mailbox Handles – All of those bills really might be the death of you.

Supermarket Self-Checkout Registers – Where food and money germs meet. Yikes!

Money – Um, I think I’ll take my chances with this one.

Gas Pump Handles – Another one of those things that everyone touches, but doesn’t think to clean their hands after using.

Escalator Rails – Are you seeing this, Mom? I was right for not wanting to use these.

Computer Keyboards – With a browser history like yours, this seems fitting.

Kitchen Sinks – This list seems like it has everything but the kitchen sink on it, until now.

Shopping Carts – More incentive to spend less at the supermarket.

Drinking Fountains – That helps explain why people are willing to spend so much on bottled water.

Playground Equipment – Take note, adult weirdos.

Bathtubs – Really? Even if you don’t occasionally use it as a toilet just to switch things up?

Refrigerator Handles – The same people touching the refrigerator handle are also those who you’d find handling uncooked meat.

Human Mouths – Yep, your mouth is gross too. You disgust me.

Credits: list25.com

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