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Surprising Facts That Will Boggle Your Brain (24 pics + 3 gifs)

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The 2nd player could control the ducks in Duck Hunt.

If youre in a group of seventy people or more, there is a 99.9 chance that two of them share the same birthday.

1998 is as far away as 2030

There are more possible permutations of a standard 52 card deck than there have been seconds since the Big Bang.

Everyone in the world has been an infant but no one truly knows what its like to be one

For people currently graduating college there has never been a time The Simpsons wasnt on TV

Irelands population still hasnt completely recovered from the Great Potato Famine in the 1800s

1 Venus DAY is longer than 1 Venus year.

The average human male genitals contain enough blood to power 3 gerbils.

No one else is going to remember your memories

The incoming high school freshmen are as old as the Krusty Krab Pizza episode of Spongebob

Mars is populated entirely by robots

When caterpillars go into metamorphosis, they basically turn into liquid and then reform into butterflies

Only 66 years passed between the first time man flew and the first time man landed on the moon.

The fax machine was invented the same year people were traveling the Oregon Trail

You can spell the word upside down by using other letters of the alphabet umop apisdn

Mike Powell set the world long jump record at 29 feet, meaning he literally launched himself 30 feet forward

Private Wojtek served with the Second Artillery column with the Polish Army in WWII, and was a Nazi fighting, chain smoking, vodka drinking, syrian brown bear

People born blind have never seen a smile, but automatically make one when theyre happy

There are more atoms in a glass of water than stars in the universe. In fact, if you subtracted the latter from the former, you would not notice the change

You always see your nose its just that your brain avoids it

Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto. Russia 17 million km 2 Pluto 16.6 million km 2

Being the oldest person alive means that EVERY SINGLE person on Earth that was alive at your birth is now dead

France was still executing people by guillotine when Star Wars came out

When you say crisp, the word travels from the back to the front of your mouth

Everything that has ever happened in all of history has resulted in you looking at this screenright now

If all seven billion people on earth moved to Texas, it would have the population density of New York City.

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#9 "Power". I don't think that word means what you think it means.
rikki_doxx 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#15 - Explain that!
Khysiek 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#18 Photo is wrong, Wojtek has never been so close to Leningrad, it must be some German/Russian bear.
dontbugme 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#14 is incorrect. Men were flying in gliders (1849) and balloons (1783) long before the Wright brothers achieved the first POWERED flight.