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A Look Back at Old Apollo 11 Photos (30 pics)

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This year mark the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11’s successful moon landing. Here are some photos from NASA to mark the occasion.


Apollo 11 goes supersonic as it continues to climb outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar Module 5 is held in place via an overhead hoist before inspection.

Workers make preparations to the S-IC first stage rocket in the the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Buzz Aldrin practices Hasselblad photography as Neil Armstrong looks on

Apollo 11 Spacecraft Commander Neil Armstrong in the spacesuit he will wear on the lunar surface at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas.

Apollo 11 CSM 107 is moved in preparation for the first manned lunar landing.

The attaching of the Apollo 11 spacecraft to the Saturn V launch vehicle.

Saturn V, the space vehicle used for the Apollo 11 mission is rolled down the 3.5 mile crawlerway to Launch Complex 39A.

The Saturn 5 crawls towards pad 39a at a whopping 1MPH.

The Saturn 5 crawls towards pad 39a at a whopping 1MPH.

Searchlights shine onto the Apollo 11 space vehicle at Launch Complex 39A during a Countdown Demonstration Test.

Apollo 11 and Saturn V as seen from atop the launch tower.

The crew of Apollo 11 take their final steps on Earth before stepping foot into the vehicle that would take them to the moon.

Saturn V SA-506 and Apollo 11 moments after ignition.

Apollo 11 liftoff as viewed by a launch tower camera.

Launch team members view the Apollo 11 through the firing room windows.

Moonbound Apollo 11 clears the launch tower.

Apollo 11 as viewed from an Air Force EC-135N plane A 70mm Airborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System (ALOTS) camera took this picture.

Apollo 11′s view from Earth orbit.

Apollo 11′s view during approach to landing site.

Buzz Aldrin’s bootprint in the lunar soil.

Buzz Aldrin salutes U.S. Flag.

Armstrong inside Apollo 11 landing module after historic moonwalk.

Landing module inside the Moon’s orbit.

Apollo 11 crewmen await pickup by helicopter following splashdown.

Mission control celebrates Apollo 11′s safe return.

The Apollo 11 crew relaxes in the quarantine van.

Apollo 11 astronauts, still in quarantine van, are greeted by wives upon arrival at Ellington Air Force Base.

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