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Lethal Combat Weapons Throughout Time (15 pics)

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posadnik 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
who taught you history?!

1 and 3 are same weapons, sword cutters, though (1) is more complicated (as later piece).
2 catapults etc are SIEGE weapons which is not the same as combat weapons.
4 WHO TAUGHT YOU HISTORY? Scythians never used chariots, they were genuine horeseriders. Cutting chariots were used in Babylon, sometimes mentioned in some spirituals. That's some 500 to 800 miles to the south and the Babylonian empire perished some 300 years earlier that the Scythians were driven into Krimea (yes, Krimea) by the Sarmatian invaders.
5that picture DOES look silly, as a good pikemen formation is some 5 rows deeper and involves 3 different types of weapons (or at least musketeer coverage)
6 again siege weapon never used in open combat
7 wrong stuff again. Morning sytar is an English translation of tyhe German word Morgenstern, that is a wooden club with long sharp nails running through it. A good piece of one is shown I forgot in which Kurt Russell movie, Escape from New York or Escape from Los Angeles. Made of metal and employed on a chain and a pole, it was more often called battle flail.
8 it's not a weapon but a prisoner-catching tool in times when a rich prisoner meant good ransom paid for him - and teh spikes were meant simply to hold the buddy fast, despite all body armor protecting the neck.
11 ARE YOU INSANE?! It's not a gun shield, it's a simple and silly Viking age round shield, dented by some live steel.
12 siege seapons again.
13 Culverins were used loads of ways, SOMETIMES on horseback but as often as that they were first naval artillery
15a there were DIFFERENT pieces, bigger than modern crossbows, and smaller than these
15b not "some" but the whole Roman Catholic church in the 12 and 13 century

Very poor.
gigantes 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#13 those are cannons on the ends, not culverins. this guy just pulled the photo from WP and mixed up the gun types.