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The Most Bizarre Reasons Kids Are Crying (33 pics)

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“Miley was on TV.”
“He caught me trying to recycle the phone book.”
“She didn’t want to win.”
“We wanted a nice picture of our boys.”
“I threw away the gum he was chewing… that he found on the side of a trashcan in Old Navy.”
“I put ham on his ham sandwich.”
“I told him it was time to go in for a shower.”
“He’s convinced that the four teenagers playing basketball across the street are using his ball. They aren’t.”
“I put my ‘fins up’ when Jimmy Buffet told me to.”
“He doesn’t want me to put the cupcake batter into the oven.”
“I won’t let her wear dirty underwear as a hat.”
“I wouldn’t let him use the toothbrush he had just dropped in the toilet.”
“We wouldn’t stop singing Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Feeling Groovy’.”
“I wouldn’t play the ‘Let It Go’ music video for the 10th time in a row.”
“He saw the little boy across the street wearing a pair of pajamas he outgrew.”
“She can’t pull her pants up any farther.”
“I wouldn’t let him eat candy off the floor.”
“I wouldn’t throw a ball at him.”
“There wasn’t enough blue.”
“We let him sit in a real fire truck.”
“We wouldn’t let her crack the rest of the eggs she took out of the fridge.”
“The buttons on the remote were facing the wrong direction.”
“We dropped his urine specimen off at the lab. He wanted to keep it.”
“He got his own seat on a plane for the first time.”
“Chipotle was closed.”
“There are no mountains in Austin for him to climb.”
“His brother held the wrong hand.”
“They’re hiding and I can’t find them.”
“I wouldn’t let him get me a beer.”
“I wouldn’t let him throw craisins at people.”
“We kissed.”
“He didn’t want Daddy using newspaper to start the BBQ.”
“I won’t let him crawl under the recliner to eat the upholstery staples.”

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DON'T HAVE KIDS.... lets just run out of people. K?
Stick them in a wine barrel and feed them through the bung hole. When they're 21, hammer in the bung.