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False Facts about the Human Body That You Believe are True (11 pics)

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Sitting too close to the TV will hurt your eyes
Sitting inches from the screen may cause your eyes to get tired quicker, but the only types of light that can do damage to your eyes are UV and laser light.

Cold weather will give you a cold
While a plunging body temperature can hinder the work that your immune system does – which can make you more likely to catch a cold – the actual virus comes from germs, which will infect you no matter how hot or cold it is.


Wait an hour after eating to swim
Sure, anything is harder after you’ve demolished six slices of pizza, but there is no evidence that you should wait until you digest to take a swim.

Brain cells can’t regenerate

We all know that drugs are bad, but the rallying cry of them killing cells that cannot regenerate is exaggerated. But still, don’t do drugs.

Chocolate and grease cause acne

Rubbing grease and/or chocolate all over your face can cause pimples by clogging your pores, but the cause of true acne has no base in eating that candy bar.

Gum sits in your stomach for seven years
Not sure why we ever believed this one. Gum doesn’t even digest; it just passes through your system at the same speed of everything else.

Arthritis is caused by cracking your knuckles
A crack is just a way to push the air out of your joints, and it doesn’t cause any lasting ill effects.

Coffee sobers you up

Don’t get behind the wheel after that coffee, it definitely didn’t sober you up. It may have made you feel more alert, as caffeine does, but you are still the same amount of impaired as you were after that beer bong.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
The morning meal doesn’t jump-start your metabolism or keep you from being hungry later. In fact, breakfast is no more or less important than any other meal of the day.

You should drink eight cups of water daily
You should definitely stay hydrated, but every different person requires a different amount of water for that. Plus, you are getting water from your diet as well.

You only use 10% of your brain
Not only do we not use only 10% of our brain, we actually use an impressive 100% of it. Good job, you guys.

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zerifu 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#3 its TRUE.
You need to wait for the stomach make digestion.
To make accurate digestion you need body heat and if you get in cold water, you can have a thermal shock and digestion stops.

SO you wrong this time on that izi ;)
"This time"
No, posts like this are invariably high on the horseshit quotient.