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People Who Will Not Be Winning Any Awards for Greatness (17 pics)

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A Swiss woman went on "Sunlight Delight" diet wherein she attempted to get all her nutrients from the sun; died of starvation.
A snake-handling pastor died after being bitten by a snake he was handling.
A man died trying to take a selfie while holding a gun to his head and apparently pressed with the finger on his right hand instead of his left.
A naked Portland man doing pushups in the middle of the street at 4 AM was run over and killed.
An Argentinian woman died trying to give herself a breast enlargement by injecting Vaseline into her breasts. The Vaseline Company could not be reached for comment.
Two people in China died and 4 more were injured trying to pull a $320 phone out of a toilet.
A man got cut by a razor attached to his own fighting chicken, ran from police while bleeding, refused medical attention, and bled to death.
A woman in New Zealand died from drinking 10 liters of Coke everyday.
A woman had gastric bypass surgery to shrink her stomach to the size of a walnut. She ate bowling ball-sized meals anyway and died suffocating on food piling up in her oesophagus.
A Boy died at a border crossing after drinking meth in an attempt to convince officials that it's apple juice.
A man went swimming in a river even though he knew it had one of the highest populations of crocodiles in the world. He was then eaten by a crocodile.
A drunk man in the Philippines accidentally shot his penis and died.
Aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness tweeted "YOLO" about drunk driving minutes before crashing his car and dying.
A man in Clovis shot himself in the head while trying to convince his girlfriend he knew how to beat Russian Roulette.
A woman died of a drug overdose while celebrating her new job as a drug counselor.

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Actually they all qualify for the Darwin Awards.
frosch 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#6 "The Vaseline Company could not be reached for comment.
" ????