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These Awesome Photos Have Really Not Been Photoshopped (69 pics)

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Rescuers at a shrine near the summit of Mt. Ontake, the volcano which erupted last week, killing at least 51 with 13 still buried under rocks and ash

The work of Georges Rousse, a French artist who has been creating his painted perspective installations in abandoned and soon-to-be demolished buildings since the 1980′s.

Airbus A380 crossing the Autobahn at Leipzig airport

German Arm Wrestling Champion Matthias”Popeye”Schlitte

This wooden cabinet was intricately carved to look like a analog glitch

A pool during a flood that just narrowly avoids being contaminated

That car rendered from what looks like vector graphics from an old-school arcade game is a wire-frame sculpture by artist Benedict Radcliffe

3D Projections on Trees

Sagrada Família Cathedral Designed By Antoni Gaudí

The rice field terraces of Yunnan, China

It's actually an undoctored photo taken in the aftermath of a volcano eruption in Indonesia.

"I Wanted a House That Reflects What's in My Soul"

No, This Isn't Man-Made

Oh God, Please Tell Us He Cropped in That Background

Perhaps You Would Like to Upgrade to Our New Fourth-Dimensional Siding

Look Closely, You'll See a Face

It's a Stripper's Shoulder Tattoo Come to Life

Rooftop Island

There Is No Water in This Picture

An Extreme Close-Up of Paint on Canvas? Maybe Icing Spread on a Sheet Cake?

Ghost Tsunami!

A Polka-Dot Dress? A Row of White-Capped Bottles?

It's the Furriest Bridge in America

You're looking at is the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht in South Korea

No One Survives Sea World's Roller Coaster

The Gate

Giant Wet T-Shirt Monster Rises from the Sea

The Day the Ocean Turned into a Giant Beer

Another 8-Bit Orphan Abandoned at the Train Station

Tiny Soccer Player

Two-Face's Cat

Polite Giant Clears Snow, Kills Thousands on Street Below

No Matter How You Look at It, This Animal Would Have Terrible Breath


No, Mr. Snail, I Expect You to Die ...

No, It Isn't a Globe, Either

Ball Goes out of Bounds, You Have to Go Fish It from the Ocean

He's a Vampire, the Sun is Out, What Did He Think Would Happen?

A Jellyfish? A Hairy Light Bulb?

Atop Cheeto Mountain

Remember Those Colored-Sand Art Projects You Made at Summer Camp?

Boom. You're Now Hypnotized.

Skiing Back Down Is the Easy Part

The Pop-Tart Rainbow Cat Does a Flyover

You Are Now Ascending to the Fourth Circle of Hell ...

If Who Framed Roger Rabbit Was Directed by Michel Gondry

In Posh Private Schools, You're Nobody Unless You Bring a Designer Banana in Your Lunch

What All Cosplay Looked Like in 1987


Hey, Pretty Impressive Mural! Wait a Second ...

Now You're Thinking With Portals

The Secret Nuclear Origins of the Care Bears

Dammit, Guys, I Just Painted that River

Rendering Art Museum: 86%...

That's Not a Bird

Not-Falling Rocks

Winner of the "Turn Your Neighborhood into Mordor" Photoshop Contest

A UFO, or Possibly God's Condom

"Hold On, I Just Need to Divide by Zero here..."

God Declares the SUV to be Gay

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