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Tall People Problems (27 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Funny » Humor   17 Oct 2014   / 16092 views

Being the bane of lunch companions everywhere.

Being everyone’s go-to when they need something on a high shelf.

Slowing yourself down because you always walk slightly faster than the people you’re with.

Debating whether or not you should drop the extra $100 for an Economy Plus seat every time you fly.

There’s only two spots for you in a group picture: standing in the back…

…or sitting in the front like a toddler.

Being the beacon all your friends look for in a crowd.

Navigating the minefield of average height people with their umbrellas when it rains.

The ingrained instinct to duck while going through a doorframe.

“Normal” height is about knee-level for you.

Straining your neck trying to get low enough to see the traffic light you’re stopped at.

Getting your head cropped out when your friend makes that pic they took with you as their profile picture.

And forget about taking a selfie with someone.

Never knowing the joy of relaxing in a bathtub.

Most mirrors stop about an inch below your chin.

“OMG! Do you play basketball?”

Nobody is capable of giving you a piggy-back ride…

…but everyone demands them from you.

Never knowing the warm comfort of being the small spoon.

Slouching to avoiding blocking someone’s view, and then tripping someone cause you’re sticking your legs out.

Showerheads? More like showerchests.

Those tasteful hanging chandeliers/cranium destroyers.

An intense fear of decapitation while riding roller coasters.

Having to order your clothes from specialty shops online.

Imported cars.

Long-sleeved shirts are never quite long-sleeved enough.

Good luck ever having a normal, non-awkward hug.

And of course, having to endure yet another person joking, “How’s the weather up there?”

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Bob6800 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
last time someone asked me about the weather, i spit on them and told them it looked like rain.
naxty 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I always tell them "There's a pay phone in my ass pocket, why don't you call up and find out.?
#10 That guy would have an even bigger grin if that girl were to be facing his crotch.