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Apple Employees Have the Best On-Campus Meals (23 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food   20 Oct 2014   / 6962 views

Caffè Macs, a cafeteria at the Apple head office in California serves employees with a wide variety of meals every day and the food looks absolutely delicious!


Or for $3.75, try this breakfast scramble with cheese, eggs, bacon, and potatoes.

Or there’s a poached egg served with a quinoa hash.

Once you’re ready for a snack, grab a giant plate of nachos.

At lunchtime, grab a double bison burger with cheese.

But for a Japanese twist on the classic, feast on a ramen burger served with a fried egg and a cucumber wakame salad. This version is saved for special occasions.

For something lighter, there’s a great selection of bowls packed with healthy ingredients.

Caffe Macs also has a daily pizza special, like this one that’s topped with prosciutto, olive oil, fig preserves, Gorgonzola, and green onion.

Tacos are another daily treat.

As are the oysters, which you can get every day for $1 each.

Caffe Macs takes care of Apple’s vegetarians. Here’s a paleo-style fish-and-chips dish, with a coconut-crusted rock cod and carrot fries served with a lemon dill sauce.

This Misoyaki black cod was served with sauteed sesame spinach and purple rice.

This gorgeous ahi tuna dish was only $8.

And here’s a beautiful dish of salmon on a bed of spinach.

But carnivores certainly get their fill at Caffe Macs, too. Here’s a dish of tri-tip, pasta, and a mango salad.

And these ribs are to die for.

This is a gorgeous plate of coq au vin, a chicken dish served with white wine and onions.

The variety at Caffe Macs is seemingly endless. Here’s a dish of authentic Spanish paella with shrimp, chorizo, and mussels.

The sushi looks colorful and fresh.

There’s Indian food, too —here’s a dish of delicious kalmi paneer.

And some pho, a Vietnamese specialty.

For this dish, chefs put a piece of garlic shoyu beef on a bed of soba noodles. Some Daikon radish sprouts were added on top.

This shrimp and chickpea dish also looks amazing.

As does this plate of butternut squash ravioli.

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Compare that with the school lunch program offered to today's youths.
dang8521 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
IMO that is not a good comparison. Do you really think ¨today's youth¨ would eat this type of food?
Mr. Ree 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
dang knows all about 'today's youth', being a pedophile and all...

jeskris 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
At google the lunch and snacks are free. Just sayin.....