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Kim Kardashian Sparks a Champagne Catching Craze (12 pics + 18 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   15 Nov 2014   / 14803 views

These hilarious photos show ordinary people trying to catch champagne with their ass and the results are so funny and prove that it is definitely not as easy as it looks.


Many of us spent the day focusing on Kim Kardashian’s bare behind, but we couldn’t help but wonder how possible it actually is to catch champagne like Kim’s butt.

Julia’s thoughts: “Being Kim Kardashian momentarily gave me a sense of the alternate rules of physics that occur around her. I have to abide by regular physics, which is a shame because now my hair still smells like cheap champagne and I know for a fact I can’t wear a trash bag instead of clothing.”

Matt’s thoughts: “It made me feel really sexy but also like garbage because I was wearing a trash bag. Love you, Kim!”

Emmy’s thoughts: “I just felt so free. And cold. Living your life without being barefoot in a puddle of champagne at least once is a sad existence.”

Taylor’s thoughts: “I tried to make an arc with the champagne like in the photo, and instead sprayed myself in the face. #elegance”

Tanner’s thoughts: “This is the closest I’ve ever felt to being like Kim Kardashian, aside from that time my sex tape with Ray J leaked.”

Joanna’s thoughts: “There’s no greater feeling than spilling champagne on yourself and the ground.”

Tommy’s thoughts: “It’s not easy to make a trash bag dress look good while being doused in champagne, but damn it, I did it! I think Kim would be proud.”

Whitney’s thoughts: “No one ever tells you this as a kid but champagne really hurts when it gets into your eyes! I learned today that garbage bags are not chic, whereas Kim Kardashian’s butt totally is.”

Dave’s thoughts: “There is one Kim Kardashian. That is me. I am the new Kim Kardashian. Any and all that say they are Kim Kardashian are wrong. They are frauds. They are impostors. I am Kim.”

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Yo_Joe 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Such a waste of so many good russian champagnes :(
At least all of those jerks could try to break the champagne's bottle on their empty heads...