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Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (27 pics)

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Letter sent from the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr., demanding that he kill himself. Previously released, heavily redacted version side by side with the full version just released by the NYT (Click the green cross in the top right corner of the picture to see it full size)

A battery caged chicken on the day she was let out of her cage. Here she is, 3 months later after enjoying life as a free range chicken.

The World’s Beard And Moustache Champion (article)

Runner up…

This is a FORTIS exoskeleton, it augments human abilities, reducing muscle fatigue by 300 percent (video)

Pedal charging stations in Paris

There’s a restaurant in Seattle that compares the size of its burritos to babies

Arming improvised mortars in Syria

Self Cleaning Roads In South Korea

Before and after powerwashing. New York used to be a much dirtier city back when the Northeast ran on coal plants.

Sunday morning breakfast at the firehouse

Bacon, kielbasa, scrambled cheddar broccoli eggs, Leftover french fries as homefries, and french toast.

Porsche 918

1960’s CIA-issued Rectal Houdini Kit

Buddhist Monastery in Tibet

Subway ticket machine in Moscow accepts 30 squats as its payment

This is what the ride home from the ISS, aboard a Soyuz capsule, looks like on the inside

One of 1.5 million citizens tagged, documented, and executed by the Khmer Rouge for the crime of “being educated” (c. 1978)

S21 Re-Education Camp,  Phnom Phen, Cambodia

In short though the Khmer Rouge pretty much did empty the city of people and transplanted them to the country side. People with any amount of education were usually targeted for elimination as their education had “tainted” them with western thinking.


Phnom Penh was used by the new government as a base of operations. S-21 detention center in Phnom Penh was where they kept detainees for torture and “re-education”.


The Khmer Rouge was a communist revolutionary government in Cambodia in the mid/late 70’s. It was founded by a group of largely western-educated Cambodians who entirely rejected concepts of the free market and individual liberties. Instead, they attempted to construct an entirely self-sustaining nation through a rigid regime of top-down social engineering. This included the abolishment of banking, finance, currency, and some religions. People living in urban areas were (often forcibly) moved to the rural areas of the country to work in agriculture (again, often against their will). It was a bold and frankly inhuman stab at what could conceivably be called a “classless” society.


The genocide came in a number of forms, which included but were not limited to:

Famine, disease, execution and reeducation.

Guy orders 1000 extra slices of cheese for his Burger King Whopper

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