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America Rates Itself State by State (22 pics)

Posted in INTERESTING       25 Nov 2014       5823       3

A recent poll conducted by SurveyMonkey asked respondents to answer questions on which state was the “hottest”, “drunkest”, “ugliest”, “nicest” etc. The darker blocks had the most votes and the lightest blocks had the least votes. The results are pretty amusing.


Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. Trailing close behind are Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

Max: Massachusetts, 264 of 1603 votes, 16%

New York scored around 20% of the vote for best food. California and Louisiana get honorable mentions.

Max: New York, 305 of 1603 votes, 19%

Hey Alaska, the rest of America thinks your food sucks.

Max: Alaska, 85 of 1603 votes, 5%

Besides their own state, people had the highest opinion of California. Colorado is also pretty popular.

That’s what you get, Texas, for always pulling the “We can leave America whenever we feel like it” card.

Max: Texas, 167 of 1581 votes, 11%

California is considered the craziest state…

Max: California, 403 of 1581 votes, 25%

…but California is also the hottest. Funny how things always seem to turn out like that. This question wasn’t even close, it appears that Katy Perry was right.

Max: California, 713 of 1411 votes, 51% (!)

America had trouble deciding which state was the ugliest. We know it’s in the south somewhere, with Alabama in the lead.

Max: Alabama, 113 of 1442 votes, 9%

Colorado has the most beautiful scenery in the country, followed closely by Hawaii. Honorable mentions to Alaska, Montana and California.

Max: Colorado, 228 of 1545 votes, 15%

Kansas has the worst scenery. People also went out of their way to pick on Jersey on this one.

Max: Kansas, 174 of 1487 votes, 12%

Louisiana go home, you’re drunk.

Max: Louisiana, 174 of 1568 votes, 11%

People love to vacation in Hawaii, Florida, and California.

Max: Hawaii, 498 of 1568 votes, 32% (!)

New York is the most arrogant.

Max: New York, 612 of 1568 votes, 39% (!)

New York is also the rudest. Who could have guessed.

Max: New York, 680 of 1545 votes, 44%

Georgia is the nicest, followed by Minnesota. The South gets high marks here, potentially because the rest of the country doesn’t understand that “Bless your heart” is facetious.

Max: Georgia, 104 of 1545 votes, 7%

Massachusetts is the smartest. All those colleges probably.

Max: Massachusetts, 342 of 1442 votes, 24%

Mississippi is believed to be the dumbest.

Max: Mississippi, 237 of 1442 votes, 16%

New York is the home of the best sports fans.

Max: New York, 193 of 1442 votes, 13 per cent

Most likely due to the fact that most Americans have never been to Philadelphia, the rest of the country believes New York also has the worst sports fans. I blame John Rocker.

Max: New York, 158 of 1442 votes, 11%

America is pretty down to mess with Texas on anonymous surveys.

Max: Texas, 301 of 1422 votes, 21%

All the usual suspects are considered overrated.

Max: California, 394 of 1422 votes, 28%

While this was the most competitive category by far, people seem to believe that Oregon, Alaska and Maine are the most underrated.

Max: Alaska, 78 of 1422 votes, 5%


DarkWolf 5 year s ago
I live in the state of mediocrity. Mentioned not once.
meukr 5 year s ago
sorry to hear that,bro:(
Seadog_85 5 year s ago
I know that feel bro. Me too. OH



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