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A Few Fascinating Photos from History (24 pics)

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The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1861

Construction of the Berlin wall, 1961

A  mom and her son watch the mushroom cloud after an atomic test 75 miles away, Las Vegas, 1953

Children eating their Christmas dinner during the Great Depression: turnips and cabbage

A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948

Hippo cart in 1924. The hippo belonged to a circus and apparently enjoyed pulling the cart as a trick

Only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid, 1879

Women protesting the forced Hijab in Iran, days after the 1979 Revolution

A top sniper, codenamed “Arrow,” loads her gun in a safe room in Sarajevo, June 30, 1992. The 20-year old Serb who shoots for the Bosnian forces says she has lost count of the number of people she has killed

A 17 year old Fidel Castro plays basketball at his High School in 1943

The Ford Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated

Unidentified African American soldier in Union uniform with wife and two daughters (between 1863-1865)

Marilyn Monroe’s film studio wanted to prove that she would look good in a Potato Sack Dress, 1951

Dwight D. Eisenhower walking past a destroyed German Tiger Tank after the battle of Chambois, France 1944

American soldiers in Vietnam keep a lookout over Da Nang airforce base on November 1, 1965

Dutchman Guido Verbeck surrounded by Samurai in the year 1868

Canadian artillery firing during the night at Vimy Ridge, 1917

Vietnam POWs going home, March 28, 1973

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. holding up Charlie Chaplin in front of a huge crowd on Wall Street to promote Liberty Bonds in 1918

British Airship R33 preparing for launch, March 1919. Barlow, Yorkshire

Opium Den, Paris 1931

Manchester United vs Arsenal 1926

Oil well fire, Southern California, (Signal Hill) 1931

Abraham Lincoln’s hearse, 1865

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The text above #19 isn't right. It's not Jr. It's his father.
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#13 She looked good in any dress.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.