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Hacks That Will Make Parenting Much Easier (28 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       10 Dec 2014       9933       1

So parenting can be a challenge but these simple tips might actually solve a few pesky problems quite easily.


Get your kids to eat foods they'd usually ignore by adding sprinkles.

Use a lotion bottle to make it easier for your child to reach the water.

Use temporary tattoos when you're going to a busy, public place for an outing.

Use a section of a pool noodle to keep your child from closing his fingers in the door.

Create a tiny hammock for your child using only a blanket and a table.

Recycle their old crib into a craft or work station for them.

Use a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to keep your child from falling out of the bed. This is especially helpful if they have bunk beds.

Use a barrette to hold together the straps of a loose tank top.

Make household chores into a game so they'll want to be a part of it.

Putting a medicine dropper in an open pacifier makes administering medicine much less traumatic and stressful.

Turn an old DVD case into a coloring case with just a few pencils and paper.

Use this info template so you can always make sure your baby sitter always has instructions and emergency contact numbers.

Turn old drawers into bookshelves to save room and prevent clutter.

Prevent your child from making a mess with their drink by using a crazy straw upside down so they can't pull it out.

Use old hand sanitizer and lotion bottles for your children to easily fill water balloons.

Put a sign below the toilet paper so they know how much is an appropriate amount to tear off.

Make a bracelet for your child with your phone number on it.

Instead of having to cut each piece of food into tiny bites with a knife, use a pizza cutter to get the job done much quicker.

Use a disposable coffee lid to keep popsicles from turning into a huge mess.

A simple rubber band can prevent your child from getting locked in the bathroom.

Use a hot glue gun to seal bath toys so they don't mold.

Cover a pack and play with a fitted sheet so your child can stay cool outside and won't be bitten by bugs.

Use a box fan to keep a fort upright and ventelated.

Use glitter to take money from the tooth fairy to another level.

If your child isn't a fan of trying on shoes, trace his foot so you can shop while he's not with you.

Freeze a pacifier in a ice tray with your child's favorite drink to help soothe sore gums during teething.

If you've completely given up on that "loving, attentive parent" concept, you can try this method of drinking while sort of paying attention to your kid.

Bathe your child in a laundry basket so that their toys don’t float away.


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ChrisR 5 year s ago
Good collection for those with kids!

Also, concider having a password for people that are asked to pick up your kids from school/kindergarden if you are unable to do so yourself. This can prevent your kids being taken by someone else claiming their parents sent them.



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