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These Are Great Examples of Pure Perfection (33 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Picdumps   12 Dec 2014   / 12053 views

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to see the beauty in these awesome moments when things just worked out amazingly well.


When this person’s DVD collection was organised into a magical rainbow.

The marching band who made all other marching bands feel (rightly) bad about themselves.

This snake’s path of least resistance.

The most perfect handwriting you’ve ever seen.

This company’s brilliantly simple advert.

The time the people at 1302 power-washed their stoop and we needed to sit down for a moment to appreciate the beauty.

When you couldn’t stop staring at this bench.

This tray.

When these hangers became the eighth wonder of the world.

When these boxes found their true home.

The time breakfast made you feel a bit funny.

When someone managed to write the perfect letter “i”.

This yoghurt lid that you thought was just an impossible dream.

This phone that was snug as a bug in a rug.

And when this car’s shadow perfectly lined up with the curb.

The time we all wished we’d though of this first.

This untouched jar of peanut butter.

Not to mention this majestic spoonful that was clearly created by divine intervention.

The perfect circle.

When someone managed to do this for the first time in human history.

When this apple looked more like an apple than any apple has ever looked.

And when this one was perfectly peeled.

The way this water did its thing.

This perfect impression of a door in the snow.

When the person who worked in this grocery store made all our dreams come true.

These wires.

These pipes.

When this person went to the pump and everything came up Milhouse.

When this happened.

The time someone did the housework and the universe aligned.

When someone in this department store arranged the towels and peace reigned supreme.

The time the wrapping paper became the highlight of someone’s birthday celebrations.

When this shop worker deserved ALL OF THE MONEY.

And when the tale of the love between this bread and this cheese became the greatest story ever told.

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