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What $1 Buys You around the World (28 pics)

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If you need some perspective on currency, here is what a $1 bill can pay for in countries around the world.


In Australia...$1 buys you about 60 seconds of mobile phone service (or, just enough time to make it to voicemail).

In Mexico...$1 buys you about 48 bananas.

In Zimbabwe...$1 buys you a remarkable variety of things. In Harare, "dollar markets" are cropping up left and right, offering everything from clothing to foods (packaged or hot), for the price of a single dollar.

In Canada...$1 buys you a single organic apple.

In Haiti...$1 buys you about 4 meals worth of rice.

In Belgium...$1 buys you a pack of gum.

In Greenland...$1 buys you a 1 liter of gasoline.

In Venezuela...$1 buys you a half- to a full tank of gas depending on how large your gas tank is.

In Saudi Arabia...$1 buys you up to a mile journey by taxi.

In Honduras...$1 buys you a taxi to just about anywhere in town.

In Italy...$1 (or actually, just over $1) buys you a house in the town of Gangi near Sicily.

In Finland...$1 buys you admission to a public pay toilet.

In Denmark...$1 buys you one (incredibly delicious) Kinder Maxi chocolate bar.

In Jordan...$1 buys you a chocolate bar, a Pepsi, and bag of chips.

In Japan...$1 buys you one onigiri, a rice snack often containing a salty or sour filling.

In Indonesia...$1 buys you a lunch meal, complete with rice dish, drink, pear, and pudding.

In China...$1 buys you a pint of domestic draught beer.

In the Czech Republic...$1 buys you 3 beers from a supermarket.

In the UK...$1 buys you one pickled egg.

In Vietnam...$1 buys you 40+ quail eggs.

In Egypt...$1 buys you about 6 falafel sandwiches.

In Portugal...$1 buys you 1 wee cup of espresso.

In Switzerland...$1 buys you a minuscule sample of the world-famous Swiss cheese.

In Thailand...$1 buys you a meal of Thai green curry and rice.

In Kenya...$1 buys you 8 branches of kale, 4 tomatoes, and 4 onions.

In Ireland...$1 buys you a bag of chips.

In Nepal...$1 buys you 10 momo pork dumplings, served with sesame and chili garlic sauces.

In Norway...$1 buys you literally nothing.

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AstarothP 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
"In Mexico...$1 buys you about 48 bananas." - Umm, no. $1 dollar buys you almost exactly 1Kg which is like 7 or 8 bananas at the most
AHKAD 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
In Russia (where i live) 1$ buys: about 6 Bananas. OR 2 liters coca cola. OR 0.4 kilo meat!
In Iraq (my country), 1$ : 2Liter gasoline, or 2 great sandwich falafel )))