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Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (51 pics)

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Biff from Back to the Future carries this FAQ around if you ask him about the movie

Ohio man exonerated after spending 27 years in prison for murder he didn’t commit 

For every year he was wrongfully imprisoned he will get 40k…27 years * 40000 = 1.08 million (Wrongful conviction compensation statutes by states)

Brock Lesnar’s vs Shane Carwin’s Hands

“Brock Lesnar is only the second man in the history of combat sports in Nevada to wear size 4XL gloves, the other being South Korean giant Choi Hong-man, who is 7-3 and 367 pounds.”

Shane Carwin wears 5XL Gloves

F-35 shows off all its weapons

Storm chasers are insane

Shaggy, The Pirate Bay’s co-founder

What’s with all the foil everywhere?

It blocks the emf from his computers from being captured and decoded from the outside.

Then and Now Photos of a 182-Year-Old Tortoise (article)

Disgusting Breyers Classic experiment – 43 hours on counter and still not melted

Prior to 2006, Breyers Ice Cream was made in Wisconsin with no artificial ingredients. In 2006 corporate mega-giant Unilever bought the brand and moved its production to New Jersey and introduced artificial additives and fillers as a cost cutting measure.

It’s not even called ice cream any more because they legally can’t. It’s called frozen dairy desert (article)

Ferrari World Abu-Dhabi is massive

Rousimar Christian Palhares is a Brazilian leg collector and occasional mixed martial artist

Marilyn Monroe from The Misfits 1961

The Undertaker Outside The Ring

The Sun, photographed from the same spot, at the same hour, on different days throughout the year

Toilet controller in Japan

All satellites orbiting the earth right now

The Secret Underground Tunnels Of Drug Kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

9 Hours: Capsule Hotel in Kyoto, Japan (video)

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