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Damn Cold Signs (41 pics + 5 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps   5 Jan 2015   / 10677 views

Your local store put out this sign:

Your swimming pool looks like this:

Or just refused to go out altogether:

Everyone is wearing a sweater:

The snow gods are demanding a blood sacrifice:

You’d actually consider wearing this:

Your beverage is doing this:

Your car windows are turning into sheets of ice:

The local church leaves this message:

Your car’s built-in heater just isn’t enough:

Your cat changed his mind:

And decided to hog the heater instead:

The local police is sending out tweets like this:

The neighborhood dogs are bundling up:

And even the penguins are pulling out the wool socks:

This is how you’re keeping your beers cold:

The fire hydrants are doing this:

Hell has literally frozen over:

Your crocs stick to the wall and your hair is frozen:

You know that ice scraper you own just isn’t going to cut it:

And your cat is actually okay with being put in people clothes:

The meerkats are hogging the heater:

And so did your hubcap:

You can literally see winter loading:

Your dog came in from his walk looking like this:

Even in death, you can’t escape it:

Even the snowmen are over it:

Your banana shattered:

The local news has resorted to cursing:

This happened to your hood ornament:

Even the snow wants to come inside to warm up:

Your dog is hogging all the blankets:

And your toilet looks like this:

Your truck looks like this:

The hose is dispensing ice cubes:

You see…uh…this:

Your dog pulled ‘a Jesus:’

Your trampoline does this:

You looked out the window and saw this:

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