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Daily Life Moments Are Hilarious in GIFs (30 gifs)

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When I listen to music I used to listen to in high school

When I hear the girl behind me ask her friend what my name is

When I try to catch the soap I dropped in the shower

When my little cousin gets his first Pokemon game, and he says he is going to name his starter after me so we can always be on a team together

When my wife whispers to me in a public place “did you just fart?”

When I’m one of the only ones who actually BYOB to a party

When my girlfriend says she’ll be ready to go out in 15 minutes

When I find out I got a small raise

When I walk into a strip club for the first time and there are multiple stages

When the lady in front of me in the checkout lane pulls out her checkbook to pay for groceries

When I look at myself in the mirror after the night of heavy drinking

When I read that ejaculating 5 times a week lowers risk of prostate cancer

When people clap at the end of a movie

When my friends suggest we break out Mario Kart on N64

When I used fake pictures on my dating profile and show up to meet my date

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