A Few Fascinating Photos from History (49 pics)

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Protesters, Ireland’s ‘Bloody Sunday’. January 30th 1972
Marilyn Monroe for Vogue, 1962. This was her last photoshoot before her death
London’s smallest shop: A shoe salesman with a 1.2 square meter shoe store. 1900
U.S. Marine sniper team, Vietnam, February 1968
Senator John F. Kennedy campaigning in the Bronx, New York, October 1960
Two young girls share a moment at a Beatles concert, 1964
Filming the atomic blast of Wasp Prime Test, Nevada. 18th February 1955
Marilyn Lovell, wife of Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell, reads newspaper with Apollo 13 news on front page while at home. April 1970
A dog sled pulls a mother and child down a snow covered street. Chicago, 1904
Revelers celebrate New Year in Times Square, New York, 1938
The Tasman Bridge Disaster, Hobart, Tasmania. January 5th, 1975
An English girl comforts her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home. 1940
Holiday makers enjoy a day at Bondi beach. 1900
Gerald Ford and his golden retriever Liberty in the Oval Office. 7 November 1974
Lenin and Stalin at Gorki, just outside Moscow. September 1922

Mother Theresa, aged 18. 1928

British Royal Marines marching across the Falklands. 1982
St. Paul’s cathedral, London, during the German bombing campaign. December 29th, 1940
Muhammad Ali Taunts Joe Frazier Ahead Of Their First Bout The ‘Fight Of The Century’

Apollo 16 crew. January 12th, 1972

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger on a train at Euston Station on their way to Bangor. 5th August, 1967
Car carries looted furniture on its roof during the LA riots of 1992
1980 winter Olympics opening ceremony during the height of the Cold War

4 children for sale. Chicago, 1948

Flood waters from the Los Angeles River destroy Southern Pacific railroad bridge. March 2, 1938

Disneyland opening day, 1955

Norwich City council’s computer gets delivered, 1957
Two man stand in front of a Coca-Cola delivery truck, 1910

Diving into the Thames, London, 1934

Soldiers celebrate the outbreak of peace at the end of the second World War. 1945

Microsoft founders Bill Gates (13) and Paul Allen (15) connect to a PDP-10 computer at the University of Washington, through a teletype terminal at their Lakeside School in Seattle in 1968

Three friends take a joyride on their “new” vehicle, Ohio, circa 1924

A policeman catches a group of boys sneaking a look at the rehearsals of the Bertram Mills Circus in Luton, England, 15th April 1938

Gandhi’s Letter To Adolf Hitler (1939)

German soldier holding small Nazi flag surrendering to three soldiers

Department Store in Mobile, Alabama (1956)

The cathedral of Amiens during WW II

Japan’s Emperor Hirohito in Yokohama during his first visit to see living conditions in the country since the end of the war (1946)

Heavily armed guards surround the court house and jail, housing John Dillinger, fearful that Dillinger’s gang would try to rescue their leader. Jan 30, 1934

Early morning train in Japan, 1964

On December 7th, 1978 the staff of Microsoft pose together for a photo

Enola Gay crew that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima 1945

German U-boat sinks Allied merchant vessel in the Atlantic, 1915

Color photograph of the original black-and-white Addams Family television set

Passengers boarding British airship R101 (1929/1930)

Ferdinand Porsche’s Tiger tank design, which was not selected by the Wehrmacht Circa 1942

Lt. Gen George S. Patton snaps a photo during a demonstration of an E4-5 auxiliary flamethrower on October 25, 1944. Patton was not especially enthusiastic about the American flamethrower, said it was not hot enough

Max Schreck sitting in between takes of the 1922 silent movie Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

Rare view of the top of the Statue of Liberty’s Hair taken from the Torch by an unknown photographer 1930’s. The Torch has been closed to visitor’s since the “Black Tom” explosion on July 30, 1916

Credits:  cavemancircus.com
MFrankln 5 year s ago
Nice collection, thanks :)
Chickenthief 5 year s ago
Those wiskers at 15?



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