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Cool Educational GIFs That Will Make Math Finally Make Sense (30 gifs)

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Multiplying binomials with FOIL.

There are curves of constant width besides circles and spheres.

And they can be used to drill a "square" hole.

Making a parabola.

Making an ellipse.

Reflective properties of an ellipse.

Making a hyperbola.

A hyperboloid made up of straight lines.

And that is what shape this bar is making as it revolves.

Exponential definition of logarithms.

How to fill in Pascal’s Triangle.

Locating Pi.

Locating Phi.

The area of a circle approximated with a triangle.

The Miura Fold consists of tessellated parallelograms and is used in the solar panels of satellites.

Sine and cosine curves.

Tangent curve.

The derivative of sine is cosine.

Measuring the degrees of a circle in radians.

Converting from Cartesian (rectangular) to polar coordinates.

Approximating definite integrals with Riemann sums.

Approximating a square wave using the Fourier series.

Matrix transposition.

Pythagorean theorem.

Sierpinski triangle.

Turning a torus inside out yields another torus.

Exterior angles of polygons add up to 360 degrees.

A triangle can have 4 right angles when on a sphere.

Let's end with an easy one.

I love you too math!

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Comments (2):

dontbugme 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#28 -- A TRIangle has three angles, even on a sphere.
jubyp0b 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Actually, a triangle on a sphere is not a triangle. A triangle is a 2D shape, whilst a sphere is a 3D shape. That said, it could be the base of a prism - maybe.

Most of these, whilst explaining some things rather basic, did not fully differentiate between 2D and 3D. There's a reason (multiple actually) a square is not a cube.