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A Radical Garage Conversion (38 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in PICTURES       3 Feb 2015       9592       3

This 396 square foot garage was not very useful before but a little hard work made it into a perfect compact home.


"These are the plans for the garage. Notice the left wall is my wet wall and will have all water fixtures against that wall. The water heater is also in the closet but it's not marked on the plans."

"This was when we first started. There was a door on the right side that had to be removed. I did have help on the framing from a pro that I knew. Notice the cross beams, we removed those because they were sagging and I wanted a vaulted ceiling to make the room feel bigger."

"This is a front view with the garage door removed and the original door was enlarged to a normal size. This is also the only wall that has that black barrier, the other walls did not have it. I had to get closed cell foam insulation. I did not want to put up the traditional insulation batts and have water build up behind the drywall and rot everything out over time. The closed cell foam is a complete water and moisture vapor barrier and the best option for my situation."

"Side view we also built two large above ground garden beds. The small square is for the ac window unit. I know the garden bed looks a little bowed and it is, I built these on my own and did not realize how much dirt was going to be needed and when we added the dirt the bowed but it stands and the garden is doing great."

"Inside view of the framing. We removed the cross beams that were originally there. They were 2x4's and were sagging and I also wanted a vaulted ceiling to make the room feel bigger."

"We had to replace the main water line and upgrade it from a 3/4" line to a 1" line to help with the water pressure through out the whole house. When we used the hoses to water the lawn the water pressure dropped and we did not want that to happen when I was showering or using water in the garage."

"Trenching. This was the worst part by far. The left trench is for the electrical lines and had to be 18" deep. the middle trench the water line and the right trench is for the sewer line. The electrician is adding a second meter."

"The sewer trench and water trench. The big hole on the left is for the lift station that had to be installed due there not being enough fall from the garage to the main sewer line."

"Two meters. This was a big problem too. I did not realize the zoning laws and since my house was zoned single family residential I was not able to have a second meter. So I had to pay the electrician to come back and hook everything up to one meter."

"Ugh this was annoying. I got some spray insulation for the cracks between the windows and I got the expanding type and it ruined one of my windows and it spilt on the floor and was a pain to clean up."

"This is the wainscoting we did in the bathroom. I believe the correct title is called Judges Paneling. We measured out 1/2'' plywood and cut out all the holes for the plumbing and electrical socket. Then we made the frames by mitering some molding that had a profile that looked like The Alamo. Added a top cap and finished off the base boards with a 1x6 and a quarter round."

"This is my kitchen sink we painted it the same blue as the bathroom. It looks very very different when it's outside with a lot of light. It almost looks like a baby blue."

"Gotta have them internets. Also notice the floor. The floor might be my favorite part. The garage was built was on a concrete slab and I was thinking of how to do the floor (tile, hardwood, laminate, etc.) and then realized we could stain it. Actually we dyed it and it was a rather easy process. We first had to get a floor maintainer and clean it really well and let it dry. Then spray the brown dye and let it sit for 24 hours. We rolled on the polyurathane with normal paint rollers and let it dry for 24 hrs and then rolled on the sealant which was rolled on too. The whole floor cost about $1 per sqft and it looks really good and has character. I think the foundation was poured in the 50's so there is a dent or two but I like it. Also I plan to rent it out later and this is the easiest thing to clean between tenants. If anyone is considering doing it I would highly recommend it and doing it yourself. I would also say don't go to a big box store to get the materials. There are concrete stores out there that sell really good products and are far superior to the stuff you by at the big box stores."

"This is a view of the wall. I hung my TV 47" and I want to eventually put a outlet inside the wall so I can plug in the tv and it wont have to come out of the access panel. It will be a much cleaner look."

"I did not measure correctly and my TV is literally 2 cm too big. This is where it stops when trying to watch TV in bed which is fine because I can see the TV just fine. Definitely not worth getting a new TV over."


owl131 5 year s ago
nice one! i wish regulations were easier in germany, where you could never ever build something like that by yourself as it is required to be approved by a structural engineer and the district office ...
Ozan 5 year s ago
excellent travail !
jan.emsters 5 year s ago
@owl ... you can dow everything by your own .... but i always have to laugh seeing those americans messing round with powerlines. seems like they never get used to put everything below ground surface ... AC lines at ca. 1,80 m ?? never ever ... XD



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