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The World Explained in Maps and Graphs (25 pics)

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Boobs vs Butt searches on Pornhub

Click the green cross in the top right corner of the picture to see it full size

The most watched sports events in the world

The most frequent sites of "missed connections" on Craigslist in each region

College Textbook Prices vs Average Consumer Prices Over Last 45 Years

Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal For A Majority Of The U.S

Distribution of income during expansions

Yes, money does buy happiness

U.S. income taxes over time

Pornhub Traffic Changes During Super Bowl XLIX

The most-viewed YouTube videos

When in life you’re most likely to be dealing with the cops

Surnames of Licensed Manicurists in Texas

Percentage of U.S. College Students by Race

How are Muslims & Jews viewed around the world?

How is the United States viewed around the world?

What we’re afraid of vs. what actually kills us

Percentage of students using free and reduced lunch programs from 1969 to 2014

9 Out Of 10 Big Pharma Companies Spent More On Marketing Than On R&D

Measles cases reported in the United States

At what age are you in your prime?

Small jumps in salary if you have less than college degree

How often do you shower per week on average?

Sexual Taboo Survey Results

Heart rate (bpm) during marriage proposal

Visualisation of which parts of the multiplication table 5-8 year old students found the most difficult.

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#14: So, more than 1 in 10 people from Israel view Jews unfavorably?