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An Epic Way to Get Back at Junk Mail Senders (4 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL   11 Mar 2015   / 10348 views

The offender.

"So I get Junk Mail from this company 4-5 times per week... it's really annoying. So inspired by that whole "Mail Your Enemies Glitter" campaign I decided to follow suit."

The opportunity.

"No postage required? Sweet! That means they will be paying for what ever I send them back!"

The deed.

"Since they have to pay by weight, I decided to go with these itsy-bitsy teenie-tiny beads. Seriously, these things scatter like roaches when they fall; and they weigh more than glitter too, so it will cost them more to receive this package."

The wait.

"All sealed up and ready to go! Childish? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Worth it? Yes."

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Comments (2):

gigantes 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
AFAIK companies don't pay for exact weight... they cut a deal with the post office based on their average mail volume. so it's the post office and the tax-payers who pay for your prank, not the junk mailers. (they've already paid)

also, you're not mailing this back to the dept that sent it out-- that part is mostly automated, under orders from marketing and mgmt. you're actually mailing this to the dept of minimum-wage types who have to open all these up and deal with the contents.

suggestion: since we all get junk mail no matter what, just throw it in your shredder / recycling and stop taking it so personally.
ktrabbit 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
AND those beads are not cheap...you've just cost yourself several dollars.

AND anyone touching the envelope will KNOW there's something inside it, so you've thrown away the element of surprise you have with glitter.

Idea FAIL!