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A Basement Bar Makeover That You Will Wish You Owned (15 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   13 Mar 2015   / 8549 views

This dude turned his empty basement into an awesome home bar and it is even better than you could imagine.


"I took 5 base cabinets and made my layout for the bar."

"As you can see the one cabinet is facing out. I liked this because it allowed me to use all of the cabinet space."

"I am an idiot and didn't start from right to left and just move up. I had to make it hard on myself and make it fit like a puzzle. I was kicking myself for this and it was the worst part of the job."

"I love the way butcher block was and again I wasnt ready to spend 2k for a large piece. Lumber liquidators is your friend! They have great prices on large walnut butcher block. I used waterlox for a sealer and did 5 coats of regular and 2 coats of high gloss. It came out a bit more "yellow" then I wanted but I still love it."

"I added my 46" sammy to the rear of the bar. Whats a bar without a nice tv for the games?"

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ArxFerrum 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Have seen two of my sons do pretty much the same thing - one in a basement, the other a tree-house he built for his own boy but that he soon outgrew.

In 2011, we watched bowl games from about 20' up.
Talk about walking out on a limb... especially with the juices being served!