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Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (51 pics)

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Largest man in the world in 1903. On the right: Police officer in 2012

Earth from Mars and Mars from Earth

Dubai from above

Hanging garden in Singapore

The Pit of Carkoon, the nesting place of the all-powerful Sarlacc

Available at Sam’s

Caterpillar constructs a cage of its own spines for protection during pupation

2014 Range Rover Autobiography Black Interior

Bodybuilder With Lowest Bodyfat Level Ever Recorded

A woolly mammoth’s tusk is unearthed from a Siberian riverbed

Mongolian Ger

Icelandic cinema in a swimming pool

A Beautiful Pineapple Farm

In 5 years we’re going to look back and think "god, they sold memory that was still measured in GBs…"

Teenage Taylor Swift

Yemeni Photographer Bushra Almutawakel Illustrates How Women Are Vanishing Into The Darkness

Garage Turned Into Apartment

15 tons of illegally poached elephant tusks are set on fire by Kenyan authorities

French soldiers onboard a EC 725 Caracal

A homeless man’s home in Downtown, Los Angeles

Hala fruit

How does it taste, and what part of the fruit do you eat?

Delicious! You can’t eat it raw, and yes, you do eat the orange parts. They taste very floral, for lack of a better word

A man rests in his cage home, which he rents for HK$1,800 ($230) per month in Hong Kong

Fossilized Teeth of a T-Rex

Knives are sharp. Teeth are not sharp. Housecat teeth are sharp. Lion’s teeth aren’t. It’s fun and terrifying to think that those teeth aren’t slicing your flesh but bluntly tearing it into pieces.

Wheel Repair

The ultimate zombie apocalypse survival location: Aogashima (article)

Oasis in Libyia

Curtain from a smokers apartment, after being dunked in a bathtub

A helmetless Daft Punk, circa 90s

Inside Daft Punk’s Pyramid

1. ABLETON “The show revolves around Ableton Live software on custom made super-computers, which we remotely access and control with Behringer BCR2000 midi controllers.”

2. SCREENS “Next to the ethernet remote computer screens there are four Minimoog Voyagers, the classic analog synthesizers. They’re a 30-year old design.”

3. MOOGS “We can mix, shuffle, trigger loops, filter, distort samples, EQ in and out, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines. We keep some surprises on the side too!”

4. VISUALS “There’s a direct connection between our rig and the lights and visuals of the show. The light and video engineers can also add or control layers during the show.”

5. SYNTHS “Inside the pyramid are synthesizers and remote controls connected to the rest of the music equipment and computers, which are in rack-mounted towers off stage.”

6. TEAMWORK “Working the music equipment, lighting and video equipment, and building the pyramid for each show takes around 10 people, including both of us.”

The worlds fastest Hybrid. It’s LED headlights make up the constellation LEO. It has 700hp from electricity, plus a V8 Twin Turbo totalling 1500HP. 0-240mph in 20 seconds. Carbon Fiber wheels. Active Aero…And it has no gearbox. Just unveiled, The Koenigsegg Regera

Neil Peart’s drum set

Nurses after a patient suffered a miscarriage

Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli is known for often bringing her daughter to work with her

This driverless Mercedes is cruising around San Francisco

Cartoonist Chuck Jones’ rules for Wild E. Coyote and the Roadrunner

These two women are twins; biological sisters parented by white father and half-Jamaican mother

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