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This Is What Happened to Popular Past Memes (17 pics + 3 gifs)

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After being arrested at age 24 for a DUI (which resulted in her gorgeous mugshot), "Attractive Convict" aka Meagan Simmons (now 29 years old) has done interviews with Inside Edition, Huffington Post and others and said she'd pose for Playboy. The mother of 4 is currently suing InstantCheckmate.com for allegedly using her image in one of their advertising campaigns.
Stop Girl aka Sarah is now married so boo for us, but good for her!
Scumbag Steve aka Blake Boston was 16 when the meme photo was snapped. Now 25, he's a part-time rapper and word is that he's actually a really nice guy. In this pic he's posing with his mom.
Zeddie Little recently ran another marathon to raise money for the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. Sorry ladies--he's got a girlfriend, but you can still stare at him online.
Hipster Barista aka Dustin Mattson is an actual barista, 5th place finisher in the Southeast Regional Barista Competition 2010, and 27th place at the US Barista Championship 2010. He's not a fan of how the meme portrays him as pretentious, but said, "the whole thing only makes me want to work harder at my job, make better coffee, serve my customers better, and bring more positive exposure to both the company I work for, the barista profession, and specialty coffee as a whole."
Immortalized as the "College Freshman" meme in 2009, Griffin Kiritsy posed for another picture as a senior, which became the "Successful College Senior" meme. He's since graduated from UNH with a BA in English and works in education.
Bad Luck Brian aka Kyle Craven has made around $20,000 off of merchandising the meme, and he now builds churches for his father's construction company.
Sheltering Suburban Mom aka Carly Phillips was and continues to be a best-selling romance novel writer.
Laina Morris is now 23 and has been a YouTube celebrity since 2012, wherein she portrays the character of her invention, "Overly Attached Girlfriend."
Brent Rambo is now a developer for Sony Online Entertainment and works on the "Planetside" franchise. He still loves Macs.

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