Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (31 pics)

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Crocosaurus Cove Aquarium In Australia (video)

Solar Farm in the Mojave Dessert

Napoleon’s three chamber personal pistol (auction listing)

Incredible Engineering…

1969 Holden Hurricane

Amazing features for a car built in 1969:

Pathfinder, an early style of GPS, which acted in conjunction with magnetic signals built into the road to guide the driver.Digital instrument displaysAutomatic temperature control air conditioning called ComfortronAuto-seek radio functionRear-view camera consisting of a wide angle camera in the rear bumper connected to a closed-circuit television (CCTV) screen in the centre console.

World’s biggest operational helicopter

$40,000 shot (Javelin in action)

What North America would look like on Jupiter

Car wash has a soap cannon for kids

Daenerys’ body double on Game of Thrones

The cockpit of the Endeavour Space Shuttle (360 view)

Space X Cockpit

Offset Cutter

Meanwhile In Russia…

8-year-old female Afghan skateboarder 

This was Parwana, who would be 13 today had her skating center not become bombed by militant muslim men who’s existence is to simply plague the living and happy.

A bomb sniffing dog named Oopey gets his toe nails clipped, before a mission in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Some military dogs have titanium teeth, each costing between $600-$2000. It can rip both metal and kevlar apart

Austrian Special Forces dog makes a jump from 10,000 feet

World War I British issue clubs

The Kylie Jenner challenge is leaving kids with swollen, bruised lips. While making a kiss face a shot glass is placed around the mouth and suctioned onto the lips until numb. Results are terrifying.

Land of the Lost Tribe: Sentinelese tribespeople, holding javelins, gather on the shore of North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Following the 2004 tsunami this member of the Sentinelese tribe was photographed firing an arrow at an Indian Coast Guard helic

The tribespeople are rarely photographed or recorded on video.

Survival International said the islanders are ‘extremely healthy, alert and thriving’, but their fishing waters are being threat

To protect the Sentinelese people – and visitors – the Indian government has established a three-mile exclusion zone.

The indigenous tribe has lived on North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean for an estimated 60,000 years. Their limited contact with the outside world usually involves violence, as they are hostile towards outsiders. Islanders have been known to fire arrows or toss stones at low-flying aircraft on reconnaissance missions. Tribespeople have rarely been photographed or recorded on video, as it is too dangerous to visit the island. India’s government has given up on making contact with the islanders and established a three-mile exclusion zone.

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#2 - Every bit as dangerous to nature as any oil well.
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