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Facts about Norway That Will Inspire You to Make It Your Next Travel Destination (19 pics)

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Get ready to learn stuff you definitely don’t know about Norway.


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dontbugme 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
There's a town in Michigan called Hell.
Bongfuhrer 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#4 And the prince Haakon Magnus married a drug using party girl..

#6 True. But the picture is of King Harald, not Olav.

#13 By train you can go to Hell station, which got a sign reading 'gods expedision'.
ReXxX 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Ok, time for a Norwegian(me) to call out all the bullshit in this post:

#1: The only time the name "Nordweg" has been used, is by ONE viking, in ONE occurrence 1200 years ago. Not much base to use in a claim that it was popularly NAMED "Nordweg".

#2: A gallon of premium gas currently averages at $6.82. The highest ever price of gasoline in Norway was around $8 per gallon.

#6: True, but the picture is of our current king, Harald.

#7: Like hell they do. In high security prisons, the only communication they get, is 20 minutes of phone time EACH WEEK(this time can be made longer, but ONLY if they have children or a VERY special need for it). The only internet they get, is on an extremely limited range of web pages, all traffic is supervised, it's only in very few prisons, and only when they attend prison school. ALL sites where one can communicate with the outside world are blocked completely.

#13: It's a small village, population 1440. The word "hell" in Norwegian means luck, BTW.

#15: Not ALL publications, but most of them.

#18: All public education is free, but only to the level of high school, not university. Also, while we DO get financial aid from the government to attend high school, it's not enough to live on properly. You have to get a loan, and also a part time job if you want to have some extra cash while studying. All education above high school is expensive as hell, and most students use up to 20-30 years after school to pay back the loans the get while studying.

While i LOVE my country, and advise EVERYONE to visit Norway at least twice in their life(once in the summer to see the midnight sun, once in the winter for the northern lights), please stop making up stuff about it.
Fenrisulven 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I want to arrest you a little bit on #18 Public universities are basically free. You pay only a symbolic sum for the exam expenses, plus buy your own books (which is expensive enough...). It is still expensive to be a student because most students do not come from the city they are studying at, thus they must pay for their own living. It is the landlords, grocery stores and the local pubs that run away with the students money.
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