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Easy Tricks That Will Allow Lazy People to Be Even Lazier (20 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle   9 May 2015   / 11192 views

Cooking mac n’ cheese? Eat that Kraft-y goodness right out of the pot. You were going to eat it all anyways. 
By properly loading them, you can cook two pizzas at once. 
One more simple way to de-wrinkled a shirt is to let a stove do the iron’s work and place it over some boiling water. 
Cups? Nope. Use a plastic bag and a straw in its place. 
By lining your plates or bowls with plastic, you’ll never have to wash a dish again. 
Never dirty a knife again while cutting cake or soft cheese, instead use dental floss and toss it out when you’re done.
Avoid the arm bruises you’d get from carrying all the groceries at once and use a rock-climbing clip. 

Even lazy chefs have good ideas…

…Like using a pants hanger to hold a cookbook. 
A budget air freshener can help your pad smell linen fresh. 
And if you’re too lazy to make that, there’s always this option…
Eat right out of the takeout package, the way the food gods intended you to.
Facetiming with your game console ensures you can maximize your playing time. I need more “me time” like this in my video-gameless life.
IF you have plants, use this DIY milk jug hack to make sure you don’t drown them. 
And if actually watering the plants isn’t for you, create these self-watering devices. 
Let a tortilla save you from washing dishes and use it as an edible plate. 

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ArxFerrum 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
So many different levels of information vs. indoctrination here...

#1 - Assumption. Nothing more, nothing less.
#2 - Old trick that goes back to the '60s - works great.
#6 - Like, plastic never perforates when hit with utensil, lol.
#7 - Banned in some cities/townships.
#9 - #10 - #11 - Excellent ideas.
#15 - Ramen noodles are dangerous. Check it on the web.

*Sorry for the extended commentary but...worth wording upon...
#1. No one should eat this. Ever.
#3, #4. Or iron it in <1 minute.
#5, #6. Enjoy all your plastic leeched chemicals.
#8. The cost and hassle of this is far beyond the effort to clean a knife.
#10. You'd be as well not washing them at all - dishwashers are fucking SEWERS.
ArxFerrum 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Well, damn! Nice commentary ensemble!

Least I don't feel alone now... beer's in the bucket out back :)
I too enjoy doing this!