Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (59 pics)

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Just a normal tight rope trick

Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)”: The most expensive painting ever sold at auction Sold for $179.4MM

Artist Creates Glass Loaves That Can Be Sliced Into Beautiful Portraits Like Bread. Each Slice Sold for $5000

The uniforms for the Canadian Supreme Court makes the judges look like Santa Clauses in training


Sikh in New Zealand removes turban to cradle injured child’s head

The International Space Station just got a new projector screen. They’re using it to watch Gravity

Part of the reason for fingerprint identification

A new pic of the human Barbie…this is a normal pic of her.

Normal Pic Of Her…

Guy cleans his mom’s windows for Mother’s Day. 30 stories up

Skull from Civil War. Fatal wound inflicted by exploding 12 pound artillery shell

Alex Trebek’s perspective while hosting “Jeopardy”

The set of Jeopardy! with the lights off

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, had 187.14 homicides per 100,000 residents and is considered the murder capital of the world.

Rich Drug Cartel Leaders Of Instagram

If you’re involved with a major drug cartel, you might not want to plaster your exploits on social media. Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, otherwise known as ‘El Chino Antrax,’ was arrested at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the beginning of January after he arrived on a flight from South America. Inside sources say that he was caught because of his public Instagram account that he used to post photos of his extravagant lifestyle. Gamboa is reportedly the right-hand man of Sinaloa Cartel bosses Ismael Zambada and recently captured Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. He’s suspected of murdering and hanging three men from a bridge in 2011, and he’s so infamous that several narcocorrido folk songs have been written about him.

The Arcadia Stage At Glastonbury Looks Like A Scene Straight Out Of The Matrix

Soccer commentators cheat sheet: The art of commentary with BBC’s Nick Barnes

Click the green cross in the top right corner of the picture to see it full size

Despite the hours that Barnes pours into each page, he uses his notes only sparingly during actual gameplay. “They are there purely as a crutch and a point of reference if need be,” he said. “If I was a newspaper reporter, I could keep my match reports, but radio is transient, so my notebook is my personal record of the matches I cover.”

Barnes creates a detailed two-page spread for each match he commentates for BBC Radio Newcastle. The notes are divided into two color-coded segments: The left-hand page contains background information on Sunderland’s opposition—the club’s starting XI from its last fixture, previous results, and stadium details—while the right-hand side is updated in real time as the action happens.

Sometimes the action gets ahead of Barnes’s pen and paper. “There have been a couple of occasions when I’ve been writing something down during the match and there has been a goal or an incident,” he said. “Then I have to thank [Gary Bennett, Barnes’s co-commentator] for being beside me or the monitor which will hopefully replay it.”


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ArxFerrum 5 year s ago
#46 thru #51 -
There is a website for this:

Amazing stage tech!



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