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Nature Lovers Will Die to Own This Luxury Ranch in Idaho (18 pics)

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Thunder Ranch in Bottle Bay is a $36 million property that sits on 48 acres of land. It has a helipad, barn and stables as well as an indoor theatre and games room amongst other cool features.


The waterfall begins at the infinity pool's vanishing point.

Thunder Ranch is a hidden estate submerged in nature.

A gate surrounds acres of land adorned with artifacts and sculptures, not to mention a helipad, barn, and stable.

Constructed in 2008 of natural stone and wood, the main residence is full of character and charm — and seven fireplaces!

Connected to the hearth room is the spacious kitchen, with a whopping four ovens and a deluxe grill- and cook-top station.

When you have a dining room this visually stunning, the food on your plate needn't be fussy.

After you've indulged, head to the home theater room for a movie night.

The basement also lends itself to entertainment with its own gaming room.

On the way to the game room is the wine cellar, which has plenty of room for expansion.

In addition to four bedrooms, including the master suite, the main house features a library, casual study, and seven bathrooms.

Off the main house there's a caretaker house, casita, guest ranch, guest house, and stable with owner's quarters. You can literally invite ALL of your friends over.

The property also has a fitness center. Combine this with the pool and your excuses not to exercise diminish.

But the real beauty of the ranch is outside, where you can drink in lake views poolside, soak in the hot tub, catch some shut-eye on the covered porch, or relax on the open patio.

As the sun falls, fire up the outdoor fireplace and throw some steaks on the grill.

For those who truly want to get lost in nature's glory, there's a summer lakeside retreat with tents like you've never seen before.

These tents are far from ordinary. They are furnished and wired with electricity, so even prissy non-campers will feel at ease.

For a true summer lakeside experience, head over to the custom docks and rip around on your boat or jet-ski.

The ranch is huge but its design is totally cohesive. It's all about the serenity of the great outdoors.

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how much?
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@jan: the first sentence of the text. THE FIRST !!!

"Thunder Ranch in Bottle Bay is a $36 million property that sits on 48 acres of land."
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A lot better deal than Neverland and much cheaper too.