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The Man Who Makes Disappearing into an Artform (15 pics)

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Lui Bolin is a Chinese artist who uses paint to camouflage his body and make him blend into his surroundings. He is so skilled at this craft that it is almost impossible to spot him in the paintings.


We'll start with a relatively easy one. Here's Bolin blending in at the 7 July Memorial in London's Hyde Park.

But they get harder. Here he is in front of the Hollywood sign in California.

In Colombia, Bolin poses in front of some graffiti.

Graffiti and street art play an important role in Bolin's work. Here he is in front of Queens' famous graffiti mecca, 5 Pointz, which has unfortunately since been knocked down.

He matches up with this massive Jackson Pollock painting perfectly.

Bolin, seen or not seen in a London metro station, spends countless hours preparing for his images.

Sometimes they appear to be slightly easier to pull off.

Others, like this shot in front of an Italian magazine rack, are mind-blowing.

Blink and you'll miss him.

Much of his work carries a personal or political message.

Bolin is interested in the relationship to objects and the people who use them. For this shot, taken in the Colombia Gold Museum, Bolin "wanted to express my idea through the currency, to reflect the relationship between money and people," he told Reuters.

This is the most impressive one to date. It took us a long time to finally find his outline in front of these bright bags.

Bolin has begun working with multiple bodies in one shot, like this one taken in a forest.

Using more than just himself presents a larger challenge, but the payoff is amazing.

Bolin recently gave a TED talk in California. Of course while he was there, he had to do his thing.

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