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The Craziest Cosmetic Procedures for Women (11 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Random » Interesting   9 Jun 2015   / 8025 views

Pubic hair transplant - although the current trend is to get rid of any hairs in the pubic area, there are still women who feel bad for their lack of pubes. For these ladies, there's a procedure that implants the amount of hair they desire.
Vagina recolor - for the gals who prefer pink over brown or purple, there's a procedure that allows them to change that.
Butt implants - more and more women are getting them, even though the concept is ridiculous
Cute dimples - if you weren't born with them, there's a simple, few minute procedure and you're a few cuts away from having dimples (they won't make you look like Miranda Kerr, though).
Eyelash transplant - why keep buying fake ones, when you can have real ones implanted, and they'll keep growing back, even if they fall out/get plucked out?
Implants that permanently change eye color - thin, flexible, silicone is inserted into the eye to cover iris-related abnormalities, or to change their color for cosmetic purposes. If you have heterochromia and it bothers you, you can make your eyes match in color this way.
Palm line alteration - did a gypsy read your palm and told you something bad happens? There's a procedure to fix it (I guess?) that will either make your palm lines vanish, or rearrange them.
Elf ear surgery - elf ears are a few cuts and stitches away...
Voice lift - if you want your voice to sound more like Taylor Swift's and less like sgt. Hooks from Police Academy, you can have your neck sliced open to have the chords messed with via implants and injections to produce a voice you can be proud of.
Umbilicoplasty - the process of slicing away the protruding bit of the navel, to turn an innie into an outie.
Blepharoplasty - a procedure very popular in Korea, where the skin around the eye is reshaped to create an upper eyelid with a crease from an eyelid that is naturally without a crease.
Tongue splitting - to make a tongue snake-like, and forked, it gets pierced in the place where the tongue is supposed to split. After a while, the tongue heals around the piercing, making it possible to apply another procedure to split it, permanently. The tongue gets cut and sewn up. Enjoy your freshly acquired lisp!

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