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Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (38 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       21 Jul 2015       9155      

Incredible photo of Conor McGregor in front of 10,000+ fans

The telegram that drove Hitler to suicide, recently sold for $55,000 (Article)

“My Fuhrer: General Koller today gave me a briefing on the basis of communications given to him by Colonel General Jodl and General Christian, according to which you had referred certain decisions to me and emphasized that I, in case negotiations would become necessary, would be in an easier position than you in Berlin. These views were so surprising and serious to me that I felt obligated to assume, in case by 2200 o’clock no answer is forthcoming, that you have lost your freedom of action. I shall then view the conditions of your decree as fulfilled and take action for the well being of Nation and Fatherland. You know what I feel for you in these most difficult hours of my life and I cannot express this in words. God protect you and allow you despite everything to come here as soon as possible. Your faithful Hermann Goering”

980 Horsepower ’66 Chevelle (Article)

School in Afghanistan

Largest Pool In The world

Poolside NFL seats  

Jacksonville Jaguars EverBank Field stadium and this can be yours for the low price of just $12,500 and that price covers 50 tickets and unlimited food and drink.

Port of Miami

The exit of a tunnel connected to the Altiplano Federal Penitentiary and used by drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman to escape prison (Article)

Shank collection found in prison searches

US runner celebrates prematurely and is beaten by Brit in 4th of July 10K

The rarest Magic The Gathering Cards in existence. Each is worth $27,000

Virgil (WWE) at an Amish flea Market

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the makeup chair to become the T-800 in “The Terminator”, “T2: Judgment Day”, and “Terminator: Genisys” (1984-2015)

Troll A – The Tallest structure that has ever been moved

Penny, a transplant recipient, holding her Heart in her hands

The new all female Ghostbusters

Rory McDonald…the day after war with Robbie Lawler

Don’t inject yourself with oil, kids

British Airways Airbus A320-232 Cockpit

Solar Stadium in Taiwan

The original inspiration for The Joker: Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs (1928)

Cat wearing a special oxygen mask after being rescued from a house fire

A black police officer helping a KKK member suffering from sunstroke

One of 9 extant elephant swords. These were attached to the tusks of war elephants. From 15-17th c. India.

Eagle vs. two seagulls

Self Cleaning Streets In Korea

Nepalese Honeyhunter

A Blind Dog With a Seeing Eye Dog

First detailed closeup of Pluto, at 0.4 km/pixel.

A week after making her debut on RAW, Charlotte celebrates her victory at WWE Battleground with her father Ric Flair

“Horizons” sculpture in New Zealand





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