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Things You Secretly Hate If You’re Just Not a People Person (25 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   25 Jul 2015   / 14609 views

When someone smiles at you for no reason:

When someone says hi to you:

When you’re around people you hate but you’re trying to be cool about it:

When someone is calling you and you can’t deny it fast enough:

When you’re trying so hard to only say nice things:

When literally anyone other than an animal looks at you:

When someone asks you if you’re OK and you’re not sure how to answer:

When you’re trying not to judge someone but you’re definitely judging them:

When someone gets too close to you:

When you’re ready for some light reading:

When you’ve been around people for more than 30 minutes:

When your friend says they like someone that you hate:

When people exist:

When you go out somewhere and there’s no one in sight:

When someone tries to have a conversation with you:

When someone is saying something and it’s dumb AF but you have to pretend like it isn’t:

When you’re trying to prepare yourself to face people all day and you’re not feeling it:

When someone asks you why you hate people:

When you’re out, avoiding everyone in sight, and you see someone you know:

When someone speaks:

When you promise yourself you’re going to be nice to people for a day and it just doesn’t work:

When you’ve been pretty much ignoring someone for 10 minutes and they’re still talking:

When someone tries to hug you:

When someone starts a conversation with you on an elevator and you brace yourself:

And when you’re finally away from people and can breathe easy:

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