It’s Time to Simply Marvel at Some Magnificent Machinery (40 pics)

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TGS hydraulic salvage grab

TGS hydraulic salvage grab with 1000 tonne pinch force.

A section of turbine at a General Electric plant in France

An American MegaBots robot (left) and a Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industry robot (right) - In one year, robots similar to these will engage in Mortal Kombat for international bragging rights

Arktos amphibious rescue craft - It can operate on land, sea, and ice and fits in the belly of a C-130 aircraft.


ALMA Transporter carrying a radio telescope antenna at Atacama, Chile. The resolution and sensitivity of the astronomical interferometer is adjusted by rearranging the position of the multiple antenna.

Prysmian subsea cable plough on Normandy Beach, 2014.

General Electric GE90 high-bypass turbofan aircraft engine

This device is used to pull barges out of the Mississippi river. South St. Paul MN

"Just sign here, please" - delivery of a LeTourneau L-2350, the world's largest front loader.

Jewel from 1904, Norsborg Sweden.

Hydraulic shears on an excavator, Jamaica Plain, Boston

Ernest Lawrence's 184-inch cyclotron in the Radiation Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley in 1942.

New A-85-3 1500hp X10 Turbo Diesel Engine For Use In New Russian Tanks

Versabar's VB 10,000 oil rig remover

The Bessemer Converter in Sheffield. One of only three left in the world.

A MAN steam turbine for use in Abu Dhabi’s Shams 1 solar thermal power station

Pratt & Whitney F135 afterburning turbofan

Cutaway of the Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major aircraft engine at the Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett, WA

What difference does 100 years make? The train = ~540 tons good for ~7,500hp. This one GE90 777 engine core? ~6tons.... 115,000hp.

CDF Detector with Muon Chambers in the foreground at Fermilab

Gearbox for a converyor drive, Mac oil Sands

The suction head of a 'snorkel' dredge in all its rusty, confusing glory. Dredge Vicksburg. Water is pumped through the nozzles and cannons at high pressure to liquify the mud and is then sucked up through the cage.

1979 Tucker Snowcat equipped with protective armour

One of 4 drive gears on a 2000 ton stamping press. Yellow caulking gun for scale.

Large Haldron Collider at the CERN labs in Geneva, Switzerland

Guidance gyroscopes for Japanese WWII Long Lance & Midget Sub torpedoes

ESA Geoflow Experiment Container aboard ISS. Simulates Geophysical Fluid Flow under Microgravity

Open Pool Nuclear Reactor

Lining repair CF34-10

Helix subsea remotely-operated cable trencher

GE LM2500+G4 Gas turbine / aeroderivative 36.3 MW

Blast mining drilling rig

The Pieter Schelte, a 1,250 foot long and 407 foot wide catamaran, on sea trials.

Scanning tunneling microscope

Aker Wirth - deep sea products Subsea Crawler

Complete hydraulic drive system designed to work in 4000 meter water depth with; 23 Control manifolds, 27 Cylinder axes, 7 Hydraulic motors.

The ALMA Antenna Transporter

18 cylinder radial engine used to power the Hawker Sea Fury

Gas turbine in a test stand

Hydroelectric Turbines of the Henry Borden Hydroelectric Plant in Cubatão, Brazil.




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